Brandon Cottom Net Worth

Brandon Cottom Net Worth – How Much is Brandon Cottom Worth?

Brandon Cottom was born December 21st 1992 in Newtown, Pennsylvania to Richard and Tammie Cottom who played an essential role in his life by teaching him to follow his passions and pursue what was most important.

Cottom played college football as a fullback at Purdue. In 2015, he was signed by the Seattle Seahawks but never made it onto their roster.

Early Life and Education

Brandon Cottom was born on December 21, 1992 in Newtown, Pennsylvania and attended Purdue University before spending two seasons as a fullback for Seattle Seahawks – before being waived and joining Salt Lake Stallions and Philadelphia Soul in Arena Football League play.

Cottom competed on the 44th season of Survivor, where contestants are dropped into an isolated location and must find food and shelter on their own. He started on the Ratu tribe but was eliminated during round seven due to being voted off.

Cottom currently works as the account manager and speed coach for a security company in Pennsylvania, training young children at Parisi Speed School to become faster and stronger. Furthermore, he enjoys traveling extensively as well as cooking delicious grilled meat dishes in his free time.

Professional Career

Brandon Cottom is a former American football fullback who participated on Season 44 of Survivor reality TV show. Now working as a security specialist and youth sports performance coach.

Cottom began his professional football career after graduating from Purdue University in 2011. After spending four seasons playing on and off with the Seattle Seahawks, Cottom was eventually released and went on to join Salt Lake Stallions of AAF and Philadelphia Soul of Arena Football League before finally retiring in 2019.

Cottom lives happily in Newtown, Pennsylvania with Cece Williams. The couple regularly shares pictures of themselves together on social media accounts like Instagram.

Achievement and Honors

Brandon Cottom is a speed coach who instructs young children in running faster. Additionally, he’s taking part in Survivor Season 44’s 44th Season as a contestant and hopes that it will provide him with an unforgettable adventure.

He previously played for Purdue Boilermakers and Seattle Seahawks before transitioning into professional football with Salt Lake Stallions of Alliance of American Football and Philadelphia Soul of Arena Football League in 2019.

Cece Williams is a men’s hairstylist in Philadelphia who currently holds down an intimate relationship with former fullback Ryan Dempster. They can frequently be found sharing posts about each other online; sharing affection for one another while traveling together to exotic locales while supporting each other in their professional endeavors and providing an example for others to pursue their goals and follow their passions.

Personal Life

Brandon Cottom is a widely known American athlete. He gained widespread notoriety as one of the contestants on CBS reality show Survivor season 44 and as an ex-football fullback for Seattle Seahawks.

He reportedly has an estimated net worth of $3 Million. Currently living and working as a security specialist in Pennsylvania, he also coaches young children at Parisi Speed School to become faster and stronger as part of their training regimens. When not at work he enjoys making delectable food – such as grilled meats.

Cece Williams is his long-term girlfriend. They share many happy memories together and often post kissing and travel photos on social media accounts. After seven years together they reside in Newtown, Pennsylvania and both work hard at achieving success through dedication and perseverance.

Net Worth

Brandon Cottom’s net worth is estimated to be an estimated $1 Million. A former American Football fullback and security specialist, he played four years at Purdue before being waived from Seattle Seahawks in August 2015. Brandon also offers speed coaching and personal training services to children and individuals.

Cottom has joined the Ratu tribe on this season of Survivor after growing up watching it and finding inspiration in it to compete against. Additionally, his goal is to discover more about himself while traveling to Fiji and learning something he may never have experienced before – in that regard he’s currently dating men’s hairstylist Cece Williams who will provide guidance along the way.

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