Brent Faiyaz New Album 2021

Brent Faiyaz Releases New Album 2021

Five years after his first full-length album, Brent Faiyaz has released his sophomore studio album, Wasteland. The album features collaborations between Tyler, The Creator, Drake, The Neptunes, and Drake. Faiyaz is a Maryland native who has worked with a number of artists, including Drake, Tyler, and Joony. He has also teamed up with producers like The Neptunes and Steve Lacy.

The singer-songwriter recently dropped a new music video titled “Loose Change” off his album, Wasteland. Faiyaz’s first full-length album since Sonder Son and features many artists. Faiyaz is joined by Drake, Raphaadiq and Alicia Keys on the track “Ghetto Gatsby”. Tre’ Amani and DJ Dahi are also included on the album.

The album will be available on July 20. It features a number big names in hip hop, including Drake, Alicia Keys and Tyler, The Creator. Faiyaz has also teased the release of the album on his social media. The teaser video was posted on June 14th.

The artist released several songs from the new album before it was announced. One of these was “Wasting Time” which featured Drake and DJ Dahi. Faiyaz and Mike Dean were another example of a collaboration. Other collaborators include Steve Lacy, Jonathan “Freeze” Wells, and Lil Rece.

The album was produced by Jonathan “Freeze” Wells and features 19 tracks. The album will be a sequel to his 2017 debut, Sonder Son. Although the official release date for Wasteland has not been set yet, Faiyaz revealed the album tracklist. The album will include four previously released songs, such as “Dead Man Walking.” The album will also feature a collaboration with Tyler, the Creator.

After releasing his third studio album, Wasteland, Brent Faiyaz released his fourth promotional cut, “PRICE OF FAME”. “Purple Rain” has previously appeared on his hidden DropBox EP. The song features a sultry vocal performance and beat switchovers. The EP is a solid introduction to the album.

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