Bret Weinstein Net Worth

Bret Weinstein is an award-winning podcaster and author who has made waves in philosophy and evolutionary biology circles. He maintains a YouTube channel as well as writing blog posts for publication.

He previously taught at Evergreen State College and is married to evolutionary biologist Heather Heying, co-hosting their YouTube podcast DarkHorse together where they host discussions of current events, science and culture with guests from around the globe.

Early Life and Education

Bret Weinstein was born in Los Angeles, California. Although his parents’ identities remain private, Eric Weinstein (his older brother), is also an established podcast host.

Weinstein attended the University of Pennsylvania and published a letter criticizing sexual harassment at a fraternity party by strippers, sparking widespread bullying that forced him out after one year. Subsequently transferring to University of California Santa Cruz where he earned a bachelor’s degree in biology.

After graduating from Evergreen State College with his PhD in biology in 2002, he taught there until his resignation due to protests surrounding racial equity issues in 2017. Since then he has co-hosted a weekly podcast called DarkHorse alongside Heather Heying – an evolutionary biologist and former professor.

Professional Career

Bret Samuel Weinstein is an American author, podcaster, and former professor of evolutionary biology. A member of the intellectual dark web and participant in Evergreen State College protests of 2017, he co-hosts DarkHorse on YouTube alongside Heather Heying (an evolutionary biologist who became well known through Evergreen protests) as co-host.

Weinstein is well known for his advocacy of free speech and scientific integrity as well as activism against racial injustice. Additionally, he testified before the House of Representatives regarding freedom of speech on US college campuses.

Weinstein currently resides with his family in Colorado, where he is an influential lecturer. Additionally, he is active in supporting Habitat for Humanity and Goodwill among other charitable causes.

Achievement and Honors

Bret Weinstein has written numerous books such as A Hunter-Gatherer’s Guide to the 21st Century and The Better Angels of Our Nature, while hosting various podcasts like TRIGGERnometry, Joe Rogan Show and Rubin Report.

Bret Weinstein worked at Evergreen State College until student protests accused him of intolerance and racism, prompting his departure in 2017. Now, he can be found in Bret Weinstein – DarkHorse Podcast alongside Heather Heying (also associated with Evergreen State College).

Hosted by two brothers Eric Weinstein (also a podcast host), their podcast invites prominent personalities from a wide variety of fields to engage in engaging discussions about various subjects. Well known for championing free speech, scientific integrity and open dialogue. Their series can also be found on Intellectual Dark Web where Eric serves as one of the hosts.

Personal Life

Weinstein is an avid reader and lifelong learner. He strongly supports free speech advocacy and open dialogue within academic circles as well as maintaining his commitment to scientific integrity and research.

Weinstein holds American nationality and graduated with his Ph.D in biology from the University of Michigan. He is married to Heather Heying, an evolutionary biologist who gained prominence for her participation in Evergreen State College protests of 2017.

DarkHorse, their YouTube podcast co-hosted by the couple, employs an evolutionary lens to highlight patterns in nature – including human nature – using evolutionary science. They have attracted well-known personalities like Bari Weiss, Tucker Carlson, Joe Rogan and Dave Rubin for participation, as well as published books like TRIGGERnometry: A Hunter-Gatherer’s Guide to 21st Century Hunting & Gathering and The Reserve Capacity Hypothesis.

Net Worth

Bret Weinstein is the creator and host of the popular DarkHorse Podcast, earning him considerable revenue via YouTube ads and monetization programs.

Weinstein made waves during the 2017 Evergreen State College protests when he objected to an event called “Day of Absence” which encouraged white students and faculty members to leave campus, leading to his lawsuit against Evergreen State College that settled out at $500,000 with him being compensated accordingly.

He is well known for his advocacy of Ivermectin. On his podcast he hosted Pierre Kory (proponent of Ivermectin). Additionally he appeared on Joe Rogan Show, Sam Harris’s podcast and Rubin Report as guests voicing support of this medicine. Weinstein currently resides in California and belongs to both Democratic and Libertarian Parties while self identifying as progressive left-libertarian.

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