Brianne Altice

Brianne Altice, a Teacher, Was Found Guilty of Sexual Abuse in 2015

Recently, a Utah high school teacher named Brianne Altice was found guilty of sexual abuse of three students. Altice pleaded guilty three counts of forcible sexual abuse and 11 other felonies, including first-degree criminal rape. While she remains in prison, she has successfully completed therapy, life skills courses, and a paralegal certificate. According to the New York Times Altice has made significant efforts to improve her life.

Altice maintained throughout the trial that she wasn’t a teacher at the time of the sexual relationships. Altice has taken sex offender therapy, as well as a business technology course. In prison, Altice learned the importance of asking for help and developing self-confidence. She argued that she placed herself in unsafe situations because she had false beliefs and did not seek help when she was receiving compliments.

Altice pleaded guilty in 2015 to three counts of forcible sexual abuse. She will be on parole until 2045 but will remain on sex offender register. She has been in prison since July 2015, when she was caught having sex with three underage male students at Davis High School. Altice appeared before a parole hearing official on April 16. Her parole was approved by the Utah Board of Pardons and Parole on September 10.

Altice continued to have sex one month after her arrest. Altice also had sex with two other students while she was out on bond. Altice admitted to having had sex with the male teacher when police asked her about the sex acts. According to reports, the encounters took place in Altice’s car and at her home while her husband wasn’t home. She has since been fired from her teaching position.

Altice’s sex abuse on the teenage boy by Altice was captured on videotape. The young man who was the victim of the sex abuses did not tell the police he was having sex with his teacher. The pair met in a park and in a car. She also engaged in carnal relations with young men while the man was at work. The teens met on a regular basis and planned romantic picnics. Altice’s ex-husband and parents denied knowing about the affairs of the alleged victim.

Altice wrote a letter to her attorney while Altice was in jail. However, the court did not find this letter to be a valid defense. Altice was able write a two-page defense document. The letter was written to show her friends and family that she is not a threat. However, her lawyers have not yet been hired. Altice’s case remains under review.

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