Briar Cares Oldest Woman

Briar Cares, the World’s Oldest Woman, is a Hoax

The video that has gone viral recently claims that Briar Cares, a 399-year-old firm owner, is the world’s oldest woman. Is it true? Unlike many other videos that are simply made up to get attention, this one is made up by a TikTok user. Although the video has received more than 5 million views, the actual subject of the video is real. She is old enough to be qualified, but she still manages to do a lot of things on her own.

The truth is more complicated than the TikTok video which claimed that the oldest woman in the world is only three hundred nine years. A TikTok user called @briar cares shared the video with his followers, and it received five million likes and 190,000 comments. While the hoax is far from the real story, it did not get off to a good start, and it has been the target of several hoaxes since it was posted. Luang Pho Yai’s video received some negative feedback. It has been promoted by many people since his granddaughter introduced him to TikTok. The video was quickly corrected by an account named @auyary13, who clarified that she is not that old.

This viral video is not the real person. Luang Pho Yai, 109 years old, is actually the one in question. After her photo was posted on TikTok by her grandson, she was a target of pranksters, who claimed she was the world’s oldest woman. The video’s popularity has since declined. This has made Luang Pho Yai a target of hoaxes and a subject for jokes.

A TikTok video that claimed Briar Cares is the oldest woman in the world is a hoax. The video that claims she is 399 years of age is a hoax. It has more than 5 million views and was made by a person posing as the old woman. Although the video is fake, the person behind it is real. Briar Cares claims to be the oldest woman in the world, but many people are confused.

This video carries some erroneous data. The user who uploaded it to TikTok incorrectly claimed that Lady Briar Cares was 399 years old. Despite the fact that the video has since gone viral, it still carries a disturbing message. It has gotten more than five million views and 190 thousand remarks. While some people may take offense, some believe that humanity cannot endure this much suffering.

Luang Pho Yai is a fraud, and her name was widely shared by the app via social media. However, a TikTok client refuted her age and revealed that she is not the oldest woman in the world. Her age was actually 109 years old, but it is actually Kane Tanaka, a Japanese man who is the oldest person alive today. This online scam is not for you.

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