Brice Rhodes Released

When Was Brice Rhodes Released From Jail?

It seems that everyone has been wondering when was Brice Rhodes released from prison. Then again, who doesn’t? The trial for Rhodes’ triple murder is scheduled to begin in January 2022. However, the judge will be deciding on his sentence. The trial originally had been scheduled for February but was postponed after defense lawyers requested a competency evaluation. They claimed Rhodes suffered from an intellectual disability.

Rhodes threatened the judge with the spit mask and spit on him during the hearing. The attorney didn’t press charges because it was a “temper tantrum of a brat,” according to the Associated Press. Rhodes is still being charged with assaulting a prisoner and a nurse. At a hearing in February 2019, a spit mask was placed over Rhodes’ face. Rhodes had previously fired multiple lawyers and his relationship was fraught with conflict with the prosecution attorney.

Eventually, the police found Brice Rhodes’ brothers’ bodies behind an abandoned house. Witnesses reported that two teenage boys, Maurice (and Larry) were seen with Brice Rhodes. Rhodes and his brothers weren’t at home when they vanished, but two bodies were later found behind the house. The bodies were beaten and stabbed to death. The killer had tried to burn them before police arrived.

Brice Rhodes’ case has been postponed several times. After more than five years, the trial had been postponed numerous times. Multiple postponements were caused by the suspect’s incompetence, bad behavior, and irrational reasonings. The trial was finally scheduled to begin in January 2023, despite the latest postponement. The case is expected to take that long, but the question remains, will Brice Rhodes be released from jail or face additional charges?

Numerous reports have indicated that Rhodes has a history of violence, including threats and assaults. He has also been accused of trying to escape Metro Corrections by digging a hole in his cell to escape. Since his arrest, he has not been active online and is currently serving his sentence. Rhodes stated that he would like to make a comeback as soon as possible in a CBS News interview.

There has been much debate over whether or not Brice Rhodes should be released from prison or not. His case is highly controversial. A judge must find a way for him to be convicted and released from prison. However, the judge’s decision on Brice Rhodes’ release is final. Brice Rhodes would not have been released from prison if he was allowed to walk free.

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