Brickhouse New Milford

The Brickhouse in New Milford

The Brickhouse in New Milford is a unique antiques store located in an old brick house. Just In Antiques occupies 2,000 square feet of the space while the rest of the property is a residence. The antiques store was relocated from a smaller area on the southbound side Danbury Road. On opening weekend, the store sold a lot of merchandise, and many people also came to the flea market on Sunday. The town’s economic development director, Kevin Bielmeier, visited Krul’s open house and was impressed with Krul’s efforts to preserve the old building.

Just In Antiques & More, formerly located across Route 7 from Elephant’s Trunk Flea Market, is moving to The Brickhouse this spring. The store has a unique selection and prices that are much lower than what you would pay at a flea marketplace. The store has some great items, even if you aren’t looking for bargains.

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