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Where to Find Bridgerton 2 on the Internet

If you’re in the market for a new period drama or a witty comedy, you may be wondering where to find Bridgerton 2 on the internet. The first season was a surprise and a refreshingly feminist romance. The series focused on the agency of women and male pleasure, and its popularity helped propel it into the mainstream, forcing readers to flock to the Julia Quinn novels. It made period drama hip again and viewers loved its sexy approach towards romance.

The series will also feature four new characters, including Edwina Sharma, who is charming and kind-natured. She is an endearing and intelligent woman who knows exactly what she wants in a true love match. “Bridgerton 2,” which will air on Netflix, will debut on March 25. Eight episodes were included in the first season. A second season is currently in the works, with more episodes to come. The series will be available on Netflix starting March 2019.

The second season will be about the romance between Anthony Bridgerton (and Kate Sharma) in the second season. Jonathan Bailey, who starred on the first season, promised “passion” at the Tudum panel. Fans will miss Rege Jean Page’s role but the new cast will give the series an authentic, humanistic feel. In addition to Rege-Jean Page, the cast will also include newcomer Simone Ashley, who will play Kate Sharma, Anthony’s potential love interest.

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