Brit Crime Junkie Net Worth

Brit Crime Junkie Net Worth

Brit Prawat and Ashley Flowers have a combined net worth of $34 million as the hosts of the popular TV show Brit Crime Junkies. The duo was recently in the news for their recent health scare. They recently underwent multiple surgeries after suffering from a brain clot. Since then, they have been in recovery. Brit recently addressed her health condition on Instagram.

Ashley Flowers is a brit crime junkie

Ashley Flowers is a podcaster, journalist, and author. She is the host of the popular podcast Crime Junkie. She has also contributed to numerous books, television shows, and other media. Her net worth is estimated to be close to $4 million. She is a Christian, and her parents are businessmen.

She began her career working as a genetics researcher at the University of Notre Dame. After graduation, she moved on to become a podcast host. In 2017, she and Brit Prawat created the crime-related podcast show Crime Junkie. Their show is based on true-crime cases, and they also collaborate with Spotify.

After she launched her podcast, she began producing episodes of it full-time. She produces a dozen true-crime podcasts. In addition, she co-founded Audio Chuck, a company that focuses on empowering women through podcasts.

Brit Prawat is a brit crime junkie

You might have heard of the crime show, Crime Junkie, but how much do you know about Brit Prawat? She is one of the co-hosts and the co-producer of the show. She spent her formative years watching a variety of shows on television, including Forensic Files and America’s Most Wanted. She also binge-watched YouTube videos of taped interrogations. Despite her passion for crime, Brit is a married woman with two children. She is married to her longtime partner, Justin Daniel, and has a teenage son and a younger daughter.

The two met as kids and developed a common interest in crime stories. They decided to combine their passions and started their podcast, “Crime Junkie.” Since then, they have gotten more than 8 million downloads. They also have a large following on Patreon, an online platform where fans can support them by paying for extra content.

Ashley Flowers is a crime junkie

The crime junkie podcast is hosted by Brit Prawat and Ashley Flowers. It is known for bringing true crime stories to the public. Before launching the show, Brit worked as a private investigator. Her other credits include co-hosting the Morbid A True Crime Podcast and launching podcasts like Anatomy of Murders, Park Predators, and Counterclock. She has also worked as an assistant to a private investigator. Recently, Brit spoke about her health status on her Instagram account.

Having a passion for true crime, Ashley Flowers started podcasting in 2017. In December 2017, she launched her “Crime Junkie” podcast with Brit Prawat. The duo also founded Audiochuck, a podcast network that empowers women through storytelling. She also writes books and podcasts about true crime.

Ashley Flowers’ show is a franchise

Ashley Flowers’ show is one of the most popular podcasts on the market. The founder of audiochuck, the podcast network behind shows like The Deck and Counterclock, Ashley has a knack for capturing the interest of listeners. She also co-hosts “It’s A Wonderful Lie,” which is about true crime stories. As the CEO of audiochuck, she works hand-in-hand with her team to create new shows. In addition to hosting her own podcast, Ashley Flowers also co-hosts several other audiochuck shows, including Crime Junkie, Red Ball, and Full Body Chills. She has a strong commitment to producing quality, responsible true crime content.

The series has garnered critical reviews from fans, with fans saying they’ve listened to every episode. However, some have voiced concerns that the show lacks authenticity. According to fans, the podcast is not based on original research, but rather on interviews with current and former presidents. This means that while it may be a franchise, it is still a unique show that reveals fascinating stories about current affairs.

Ashley Flowers has a seven-figure net worth

Ashley Flowers has a net worth of over seven million dollars. She has many sources of income, including her podcast, acting, and sponsorships. She is also a board member of the nonprofit Crime Stoppers of Central Indiana and enjoys hiking and yoga. In addition to her many projects, she has a passion for dogs, which she loves to show off on Instagram.

Flowers is the CEO of the audiochuck podcast network, which focuses on female-oriented genres. Her career has earned her over $5 million USD, and she hopes to double it by 2022.

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