Brown Pumas

How Do Brown Pumas Survive in Florida?

Brown pumas are stalking, ambush predators, carnivores, and ambush predators. They will kill any animal they come across, even small rodents. These cats will often stalk their prey through the bushes and jump onto them over rock ledges to deliver a fatal neck bite. They also tend to cover their kills for days, supplementing their diet with large insects and small rodents.

The range of pumas extends from the subarctic areas of northern Canada to the southern tip Chile. They can live anywhere within their range, but most pumas in North America live on the western side. Their only known eastern population is Florida, where they are known by the Florida Panthers. This cat is one of the most beloved in the world and a beautiful sight to see. But how do they survive in Florida?

The fourth-heaviest New World cat is the mountain lionis (or puma). It is a social cat because of its long, flexible body. Adult pumas measure about 2.4 meters (8 feet) long from head to tail. The average height of a puma is 60-76 centimetres (two- to 2.5 feet) at the shoulder. The males are larger than the females, with the tail being longer than the front legs. These cats are capable of running and jumping at speeds of up to 35 mph. The pumas are excellent swimmers and climbers.

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Pumas live in cold forests and rainforests, but can also be found in rocky areas and open prairies. Their habitats span from Canada’s northern Yukon to South America’s southern Andes. Their omnivorous diet includes a variety of rodents, birds, and small mammals. They are also known as mountain lions and panthers. Scientists prefer to call them pumas.

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