Buck Busfield

After garnering widespread fame with his performances in 1989’s Field of Dreams and Thirtysomething, Tim Busfield began branching out into directing. He went on to direct multiple episodes for each show he directed on and quickly earned himself a reputation as an exciting director to watch.

In 1986, he co-founded B Street Theatre in Sacramento, California and since then has directed more than 100 plays at this theatre company; many are his original works that he wrote himself.

Early Life and Education

He hails from Lansing, Michigan and studied drama at East Tennessee State University before working with both Circle Repertory Company and Actors Theater of Louisville upon graduation.

He is a successful playwright who has had his work performed at multiple theaters around the United States. Currently residing in Sacramento with his wife and daughter.

Busfield made high profile appearances in late 90s television programs that did not resonate with audiences, including semi-pro baseball for Sacramento Smokeys and an ex-high school jock trying to recapture past glory in Champs (ABC, 1996). He starred as Cal Shanley – nervous control director – of Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip (1996)-97) while also directing six episodes.

Professional Career

Busfield has made his mark as an actor with film credits like Field of Dreams and Revenge of the Nerds as well as television series such as thirtysomething and Aaron Sorkin’s political drama The West Wing. Additionally, he holds more than sixty directorial credits.

Starting off his directing career with three episodes of thirtysomething in the 1990s, he went on to direct several television movies and series including Mind Games, Without A Trace and Lipstick Jungle.

He was recently appointed an artist in residence at Michigan State University, teaching acting and fiction film production courses as well as hosting prominent industry professionals for workshops on campus. Additionally, he will produce content for WKAR-TV (MSU’s public broadcasting station). This appointment marks a “one year tryout” that will help him determine whether to commit more time as an actor, writer and director.

Achievement and Honors

He is renowned for his humorous brand of modern levity. His works have earned numerous awards and recognitions over time.

Busfield also holds several directing credits; these include episodes from popular television series like thirtysomething and Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip.

Busfield is also a co-founder and producing director for B Street Theatre based out of Sacramento, California. In his position, he has directed more than 100 plays at this theater as well as written several scripts which have received productions at it. Furthermore, Busfield enjoys horseracing himself; owning multiple standard-bred horses of his own while regularly attending races at Los Alamitos Race Track in Southern California.

Personal Life

He has directed and acted in television movies such as Tracey Takes On…, Buffalo Soldiers and Dream House for television. Additionally, he played Elliot on thirtysomething where producers asked him to grow a beard to look older and more mature for that role.

He is currently married to Melissa Gilbert since 2013; together they share one child named Wilson. Prior to that he had been linked with Jenny Merwin and Radha Delamarter.

Busfield is not only an accomplished actor but is also the co-founder and artistic director for B Street Theatre in Sacramento, where he produces, directs and acts as producer/director/actor on their School Tour, Family Series and Sketch Comedy Series as well as being an accomplished playwright who has written many scripts for their Main Stage productions over his nearly 30-year tenure there.

Net Worth

He has been married twice, giving birth to three children during each marriage. First with Radha Delamarter in 1981 and then with Jennifer Merwin nine years later. They divorced in 2008. Later he remarried Melissa Gilbert.

His acting career has been highly successful, earning critical acclaim with his portrayal of Elliot Weston on thirtysomething and earning him critical praise from viewers worldwide. Additionally, he ventured into directing which brought an additional artistic dimension into his journey.

He was born on 12 June 1957 in Lansing, Michigan and is an American citizen. He attended East Lansing High School before studying drama at East Tennessee State University; both parents are Roger and Jean Busfield with two siblings named Julia and Terry as siblings.

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