Businessman Lyrics

Businessman Lyrics by Jay-Z

Jay-Z is revered as an influential, thought-provoking rapper who has written 13 solo albums and numerous collaborative efforts.

His songs span multiple genres, such as rock, rap and country. Many of his most well-known tracks feature businessmen as the subject matter for songs written by this prolific songwriter:

Net Worth

Net worth is an indicator of financial health and wealth that measures an individual’s assets such as savings, investments and property as well as liabilities such as mortgage debt or credit card balances. One’s net worth can be determined by subtracting their liabilities from total assets; otherwise known as “networth calculation.”

An individual can increase his or her net worth by purchasing appreciating assets and limiting debt. They can reduce liabilities by paying down debt and saving more, both of which help increase savings. A person’s net worth provides an important indicator of his or her overall financial health and could indicate how secure their retirement could be; in addition, it indicates whether sufficient wealth has been amassed to support themselves and their family.

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