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Caitlin Macnamara Thomas

Caitlin Macnamara Thomas was born in London on 8 December 1913 and passed away in Catania, Sicily on 31 July 1994 after an eventful marriage marked by alcohol abuse and infidelity on both sides. She wrote several books detailing this turbulent union – several featuring Dylan Thomas himself.

Their relationship was marked by alcohol, which enabled their sexual adventures while dispelling shyness. She wrote candid accounts of their lives together such as Leftover Life to Kill and Not Quite Posthumous Letters to My Daughter.

Early Life and Education

Caitlin Thomas was born in London on 8 December 1913 to Yvonne Majolier Macnamara and Francis Macnamara (an Irish artist). She was an energetic child – her father Francis often made waves by sleeping with beautiful girls or editing doomed literary magazines – making Caitlin feel very independent at an early age.

She married Dylan Thomas in 1937 and together they had three children, Llewelyn Edouard, Aeronwy and Colm Garan Hart. Unfortunately their marriage became turbulent as Dylan Thomas struggled with alcoholism.

In the late 1950s, she published Leftover Life to Kill and Not Quite Posthumous Letters to My Daughter but refused to cooperate with his biographers. Later in 1986 she collaborated with George Tremlett in producing Caitlin – A Warring Absence with George Tremlett before passing away in Catania on 31 July 1994.

Professional Career

Caitlin Thomas is a licensed attorney serving clients with Business Litigation issues in and around Cleveland, Ohio. As a member of the Ohio bar she has been practicing law for two years.

She holds a master of clinical social work degree from Boston University and an undergraduate degree in child development and education from the University of New Hampshire, in addition to being certified yoga instructor.

Friends in Swansea established a trust to manage Thomas’ royalties for her widowed and child widows after his death, but her bitterness toward marriage and alcoholism led to ongoing problems with trustees. After leaving Swansea in 1957 with Sicilian film director Giuseppe Fazio she published two memoirs entitled “Left Over Life to Kill” and “Not Quite Posthumous Letters to My Daughter”. Eventually she died in 1994.

Achievement and Honors

Caitlin was an active member of the National Honor Society and earned first place in New Hampshire on the Level One National Spanish Exam. Additionally, she participated in Thomas Tang Moot Court Team competitions defending civil rights cases on regional and national stages.

Caitlin is an accomplished former track athlete and now volunteers as an assistant cross country coach at Cardington-Lincoln High School and works closely with its youth program.

Caitlin is actively engaged at UMKC through Sigma Tau Delta and the Spring Interdisciplinary Symposium Committee, and also enjoys exploring Kansas City while tending to her plants.

Personal Life

Caitlin Thomas had a longstanding history with alcohol. Both she and Dylan Thomas, an alcoholic themselves, lived an unstable marriage together as well as living a nomadic lifestyle.

She possesses an intense passion for both music and writing. She has created songs and original musicals; has played cello for seventeen years; graduated with honors from Manhattan School of Music with her bachelor’s degree;

Caitlin Thomas found comfort following the death of her husband in a relationship with Sicilian film director Giuseppe Fazio and wrote several memoirs during her lifetime before passing away at 80 in 1994 and being interred alongside him in Laugharne, Wales. Friends formed a trust to administer royalties from Thomas’ books so she and her children had a steady income stream from these royalties.

Net Worth

Caitlin Thomas is a successful and wealthy woman, having amassed wealth through pursuing her goals and ambitions. She has achieved financial and international acclaim thanks to her varied endeavors: acting in television series and films, modeling for iconic brands and hosting events – which all led her to becoming financially independent and garnering global acclaim.

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