Calista Flockhart Wedding Dress

Harrison Ford’s marriage in New Mexico to actress CalistaFlockhart has been a major news story. This is not only because of the fashion sense and style of the bride. The two have been together for eight years and the actors opted to wear casual white dresses, with their son Liam serving as ring bearer. The couple exchanged simple vows and wished each other a happy life together. Here’s a closer view of Flockhart’s stunning gown.

The flurry of reports may also have been caused by Ford and Flockhart’s love. The OK! tabloid’s obsession with their wedding vows, the two were recently spotted vacationing in Croatia and Wyoming, though the couples have not publicly commented on their plans. Despite the reports in the media, they seem to be enjoying the new life together, and have even gotten married again.

Despite the rumors, Ford and Flockhart were married in secret. The couple had a rough time before the wedding. Flockhart was hospitalized after a near fatal plane crash. They used their privacy as an excuse to renew their wedding vows, and they were spotted on a beach together, where they could be private. They were able to reunite one last night, thanks to the good fortune of their friends.

The actresses flew to Croatia recently to enjoy the warm summer months. Calista Flockhart and Ford were seen out with a tour guide and their youngest son, Liam. They are known for being very private but they were seen together on the balcony of their villa, where Harrison Ford received a shoulder massage. Harrison Ford was shirtless while his bride was wearing a white and red-patterned gown with crisp white trainers.

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