Caliyah Mcnabb

The case of 15-day-old Caliyah McNabb was made public on Sunday after her mother made a 911 call. The little girl was born prematurely on Sept. 23, and police found her body in a drawstring bag under a log about a quarter mile from the couple’s home. The cause of death was ruled homicide. Police have not filed any charges against McNabb, however.

The Newton County Medical Examiner’s Office concluded that McNabb had killed the baby by blunt force trauma to his head. The baby’s baby teeth were visible through her gums because she was so battered. She was surrounded by sticks and blankets. McNabb wrapped the infant in a t-shirt and placed it in a Nike drawstring bag. She was then taken to the woods behind the family’s trailer home and buried under a log.

McNabb’s mother, Kim Weatherford, told police that she found Caliyah’s body on the road, but would not explain to them what she was doing there. McNabb said she was using a flashlight to find the child, but the sun had already come up at that time. It was not clear how the woman left her home and whether she was carrying a bag. McNabb and the other driver were not wearing helmets, even though they were both in the same vehicle.

Both McNabb and Bell were indicted on charges related to Caliyah’s death. Both have denied guilt, but the evidence shows they had a violent relationship and used drugs together. Bell also admitted to smoking meth the night before the toddler disappeared. McNabb and Bell were both arrested for child cruelty and deprivation basic human rights after the body of the child was found. The trial is expected to continue Thursday.

After the trial, a jury found McNabb guilty of all charges in the death of Caliyah, including second-degree murder. He was sentenced for life without parole and 10 years. Although convicted, McNabb is still maintaining his innocence. The verdict was reached by the jury in just one hour. However, McNabb’s lawyer argued that police made “cut corners” by focusing on her client’s defense and not addressing the issues in the case.

Authorities found evidence that McNabb had hit Bell before the baby was born. McNabb was arrested on the same day as the body was discovered. Bell was also arrested several months later. They are now in custody. Their family wants justice for their daughter and the McNabbs’ lives. They all want to know the truth about Caliyah’s murder. The family must not allow the truth to get in the way their grief.

Caliyah had suffered multiple skull fractures and indentation, according to the medical examiner. Her injuries were not accidental and she had suffered severe brain damage. A sharp object caused Caliyah’s eye to be cut, according to the medical examiner. Her blunt force injuries to her mouth were also sustained by her deciduous and impacted teeth.

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