Calls Mount For U.s. To Sanction Vladimir Putins Rumored Friend

Alina Kabaeva (rumored girlfriend of Russian President Vladimir Putin) has been named as one of the most recent “elites” to be subject to sanctions by the U.S. Treasury Department. The UK and EU have also sanctioned Kabaeva in the past. After Putin’s invasion of Ukraine, the Biden administration sanctioned Putin in February. And in April, the European Union and Group of Seven countries announced their own sanctions against Russia.

Switzerland has echoed the tough Russian stance of the Kremlin. However, sanctions against the Russian leader’s rumored friend may not have any direct effect on Kabaeva and her children. Despite this, Kabaeva has been described by government officials as Putin’s mistress. Despite the rumors, the Kremlin has been reluctant to discuss Putin’s personal life.

It is possible for the Russian military to attempt a coup or assassination against Putin. The Russian military has been repressing dissenters and other threats during the Ukraine crisis, so they are unlikely to be able to stage a mass uprising. While the odds of Putin being overthrown are high, it is unlikely that the anti-war protests will become a major rebellion against the Russian government.

The Kremlin has urged the United States not to set up an international tribunal to investigate the Russian president’s actions in Ukraine. The Russian lower house speaker said that the U.S. should remember that Alaska used to be part of Russia, despite rumors of friendship. While foreign governments are afraid of provoking Putin, the Kremlin is not. So, there are still calls for the United States to sanction Putins rumored friend, Alina Kabaeva.

Locals in Monte Carlo dismissed reports that Kabaeva could have been a girlfriend. Locals dismissed the reports and said that the two women lived at the same address. Despite lack of evidence, it appears that the apparition was conjured up to achieve the desired effect. And, if it’s true, she might be pregnant and hiding her sex with her father.

The rumors of a shady relationship between Putin and his rumored friend are spreading fast in the United States, as well. If Bill Browder is correct, sanctions should be imposed on Mr. Putin’s friend and rumored accomplice. But that’s only half of the picture.

Pelosi said that she would ensure financial support for independent Ukraine and compared it to the “false Flag” operation of 2016’s presidential election. Her remarks came as the European Union is on a diplomatic trip in Munich. She was accompanied in Munich by lawmakers who were part of her delegation. So, we’re not going to be able to see much of this rumored friend of Putin for some time.

In the meantime, China has emerged as the key player in lessening Russia’s economic pain. It has provided an economic lifeline for Moscow. It has refused to call Russian aggression in Ukraine an invasion, while its state-owned banks have been quietly distancing themselves from the beleaguered economy in Russia. It is not an accident that Beijing is trying to soften sanctions by supporting Russia’s economic growth.

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