Candy Graduation Lei

If you want to create a candy graduation lei for a loved one, you can easily do so. You can wrap the candy, or leave it as is. In either case, wrap the candy in cling wrap and twist it into sections. Wrap the cling wrap in tape and leave about 18 inches of ribbon tails. To complete the decoration, tie a ribbon around your candy after you have tied it into a lei.

Then, cut the ribbon into 8-inch pieces. The length depends on the height of the graduate. You can cut the ribbon into longer pieces if you are taller. For shorter graduates, you can cut the ribbon into shorter pieces. The ribbon is typically cut to different lengths, but you can group colors together to make a fuller candy graduation lei. Once you have the lengths, tie the pieces of ribbon together. You can also cut multiple colors of ribbon at once, which will speed up the process.

Make your own candy graduation lei. If you’re feeling adventurous, you could also make a lei using a combination of hard and gummy candy. For the plastic wrap, measure four inches long. Place the candy bars in the center of the plastic wrap. Fold the bottom edge of the plastic wrap and roll it up to form a long tube. Once you have made the leis, you can add it to your gift as a gift.

A fun way to celebrate a graduate’s graduation is to make an origami dollar bill gift package. The gift box can look like an origami dollar bill or a candy graduation lei. You can place a gift card inside or even put a gift in it. The gift will be appreciated by your grad when he or she opens it. If you’re really lucky, you might surprise your grad with a candy graduation lei made from a dollar bill.

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