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Carly Waddell and Evan B. Separate

After three years of dating, Carly Waddell and Evan B. announced their separation in December 2020. Evan shared the details of their split on their Talking It Out podcast and thanked their listeners for their support. Apparently, Evan has asked for a divorce and Carly is single again. Evan later confirmed the split on Instagram. The couple has two children together. Starr Bowenbank, Evan’s assistant news editor, is Evan. She writes about pop culture and news.

Evan and Carly met on Bachelor In Paradise in their first relationship. They had two children, Bella and Charlie. But after their second child was born, the two split up, leaving Carly to face the holidays alone. Sadly, it has been a rough year for the former Bachelorette and her family. They are however moving on. Carly discusses her plans to sell her wedding ring and keep the family heirloom.

Evan and Carly Waddell are mother to their children, but they also share a Mother’s Day meal. The couple isn’t looking to rekindle a romantic relationship. Instead, they are just enjoying their supportive friendship. They have not shared social media pictures of their meal together. However, Carly posted a photo of her crew on Instagram and captioned it: “Happy Belated Mother’s Day from the crew!”

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