Carrie Underwood Ocean Reef Club

Carrie Underwood Ocean Reef Club

Located on the beach in Key Largo, Florida, the Carrie Underwood Ocean Reef Club is a beautiful venue to hold your next event. The venue is perfect for weddings, receptions, and other large gatherings.

Event center

Originally constructed as a sports facility, the Ocean Reef Cultural Center has since evolved to provide a wide range of events and concerts. Concerts by Celina Dion and Beyonce have been held here, as well as monster truck shows and Disney on Ice performances. It can also accommodate more than 20,000 people. In addition, the facility is equipped with state-of-the-art seating that allows for unobstructed views.

In addition to its capacity, the Ocean Reef Cultural Center also features a suite program that provides fans with a variety of exclusive benefits. These include VIP parking, comfortable seating, and concierge services. Its seating charts are also interactive, making it easy for fans to find the seats they want. The doors open two hours prior to the event. The event itself takes place on April 1st, and fans will be able to spin a wheel to determine their entry. Each spin will earn them 100 points, which they can earn on a daily basis. On Easter Sunday, fans will be able to receive another spin.

Carrie Underwood’s Blown Away Tour will also include stops at the Mandalay Bay Events Center and the Resch Center in Green Bay, Wi. Fans can also visit kiosks on March 18th through March 31st to earn 100 points. This program is subject to management’s discretion, so it is recommended that fans book their tickets as soon as possible.

Venues near Key Largo

Located in Key Largo, Florida, the Ocean Reef Club is an ideal venue for various events. From sports to concerts, you can enjoy a wide variety of entertainment at this venue. The center’s doors open two hours before the event begins. There is also a suite option if you are looking for a more exclusive experience. Most suites come with upgraded seating, VIP parking and concierge services. This venue can hold more than 20,000 people.

The Ocean Reef Cultural Center has hosted concerts by Celina Dion and Beyonce, as well as Disney on Ice performances. The venue is located at 200 Anchor Dr. in Key Largo, FL 33037. It has also hosted monster truck shows. The center is easy to navigate and has a circular seating arrangement that allows for unobstructed views. You can find a comprehensive list of events that will be taking place at the center by checking out the event calendar on their website. There is also a detailed seating chart that you can download and print.

You can also find a variety of TicketSmarter delivery options to ensure that your event tickets reach you in a timely fashion. The website is also easy to navigate and contains a multitude of search options. It also has a convenient ticket comparison feature, which will show you which venues have the most tickets available for your event.

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