Cawthorns Orgies-and-drugs Comment Stirs Trouble Within Freedom …

Cawthorn’s Orgies and Drugs Comment Stirs Trouble Within Freedom Caucus

Republican House Rep. Rick Cawthorn recently claimed he was invited to an orgy in Washington and that he witnessed drug addiction leaders having orgies. These comments caused controversy among some Freedom Caucus members who are more conservative, but they’re not the only ones causing the backlash. Cawthorn’s comments are based on a disturbing history. He stated that he has witnessed drug addiction leaders get orgies in front him during an interview on the podcast “Warrior Poet Society”.

In a recent podcast, the 26-year-old North Carolina Congressman claimed that he had attended orgies and seen key bumps of cocaine, but did not identify any lawmakers by name. The comments were met with a firestorm in Congress, with some even claiming that Rep. Cawthorn is a “fabulist” for making such comments.

It is crucial that those elected to lead the country address the gravely alarming issues facing us. The GOP is not the place to ignore these issues; it is time to step up and address them. However, it is not too late for the Republican Party to take a more moderate route. This is especially true of Cawthorn’s remarks about sexual perversion on House of Cards.

House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy is planning to sit down with Rep. Madison Cawthorn after he allegedly made false claims in an interview. McCarthy hasn’t ruled out further discipline action against Cawthorn, but he hasn’t yet removed him from any committee. This is a clear indication of trouble within freedom movement. So what will happen?

Cawthorn will speak at a rally in North Carolina for former President Donald Trump on April 9 as a result of the backlash. It remains to be seen if Cawthorn’s comments will cause trouble in the GOP primaries. While McCarthy has rebuked him publicly, his fellow Republicans are still skeptical of him. Cawthorn may benefit from Trump’s support by attending the rally.

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