Caylin Monroe

Caylin Monroe and Jakob Scott Arrested in the Death of a Three-Month-Old Infant

Jakob Scott, 22, and Caylin Monroe, 23, have been arrested in the death of a three-month-old infant. On Tuesday, the couple were taken into custody in Warrick County. When investigating the case, investigators found that Caylin Monroe had neglected to keep a feeding log. She told investigators that she had skipped feedings and had forgotten about Silas Scott. She admitted to investigators that she didn’t feed the baby if he wasn’t crying. The autopsy revealed that there was nothing in the infant’s stomach.

In an affidavit, Monroe told investigators that Silas had a “difficult time growing” and that others had expressed concern over his small size. She said she didn’t have time to call a pediatrician. She claimed she fed Silas after she got off work, but the autopsy showed that there was no formula or milk in Silas’ stomach.

The Warrick County Sheriff’s Office released a press release about the case. The police responded to a report of an unresponsive infant. The medical teams then determined that the infant was dead. Monroe is charged with neglecting a dependent that led to the infant’s death. According to the obituary, the infant died from starvation. Caylin Monroe was previously investigated by the Warrick County Sheriff’s Office and required to keep a feeding log.

Despite the incriminating evidence, Monroe denied that she intentionally starved the baby. Monroe claimed that she had fed her child before returning home after the autopsy revealed nothing in her baby’s stomach. Police asked Monroe if she missed feedings. She replied that it was normal. Although her defense did not address her guilt, it is important to remember the baby’s death.

Monroe and Scott met on April 21 with investigators to discuss the circumstances of their son’s death. Investigators were told that Monroe had put the baby to sleep at four o’clock in the morning, but that Scott only fed him when he was still crying. They waited until the baby was about one and a quarter hours before calling 911 to assist them. In the end, they were unable to get help for the child and were forced to rely on their husbands to do so.

Both Jakob Scott and Caylin Monroe were arrested after Silas Scott’s death. Both were denied bond during their initial hearings. They are currently in Warrick County jail. The baby died apparently from malnourishment or starvation. The baby was starving at the time of his death. This was a terrible situation for Scott’s family. There is still a lot to learn about the case, but it is a beginning.

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