Cele Valleys

The Lot and Cele Valleys

The Lot and Cele River Valley is home to picturesque hilltop villages, medieval castles, prehistoric caves and centuries-old mills that have inspired numerous painters and writers. The picturesque scenery and village architecture has also served as inspiration for artists and authors.

Discover Figeac with its medieval streets and ancient houses before having lunch in one of the cafes beneath its old market hall. Head onwards to Beduer’s troglodyte houses, Saint Sulpice with its cliff castles, Marcilhac sur Cele, Blars and Blars for more fascinating sights!

Early Life and Education

Cele was an expert at managing all the tasks necessary for raising a large family: cooking, cleaning, planting gardens, driving kids to basketball games and square dances while managing Al’s masonry business books – in addition to telling off-color jokes, winning arguments and cultivating her network of friendships.

From Figeac, the D41 traverses Cele Valley’s wild rivers. Along the way is Jean-Francois Champollion’s birthplace where he deciphered Egyptian hieroglyphics on Rosetta Stone; then St-Sulpice village–home of powerful Hebrard family and medieval stronghold of St-Sulpice family–where deciphering Egyptian hieroglyphics was done using Stulpice village as his reference point.

Cele instilled her children with the confidence to go after their goals and create change in the world. She will be greatly missed for her witty humor, tenacity and delicious caramel rolls baked daily in the home she provided them in.

Achievement and Honors

Honors students strive to form an intentionally diverse and inclusive community. Students of various races, ethnicities, national origins, religions, abilities, gender identities and backgrounds come together in mutual respect and support as they pursue academic interests and make an impactful contribution to society. Working closely with Honors First-Year Mentors and professors they collaborate on creating programs and projects to advance these interests while living together in residential communities and collaborating to develop an academic curriculum tailored specifically for them – learning by doing and becoming leaders in their fields before leaving LVC ready to serve both country and community.

Personal Life

This small town features not only an international-class museum (World Writing Museum), but it is also an essential stage on Santiago de Compostela routes, providing natural sanctuary with cele and Lot Valleys and their distinct ecosystem. Its harmony makes this unique in Europe.

The GR 651 route of the Camino de Santiago takes pilgrims through picturesque stone villages and is less crowded than Puy trail.

One of the highlights is Marcilhac-sur-Cele, which developed around an expansive abbey. The Romanesque church retains an austere beauty that makes this village well worth spending some time exploring; you’ll discover boutiques, artisan shops (such as knife-maker Chassint Coutellerie d’Art) and brocantes; covered markets make excellent places for buying picnic snacks (try local duck rillettes, goat’s cheese and Quercy wine for an ideal picnic), plus take a trip nearby Rocamadour if possible – both these villages will prove well worth your efforts!

Net Worth

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