Celebrities Naughty

Celebrities Naughty and Nice

Celebrities may appear to have it all, but that does not make them immune from legal consequences. Many prominent figures have been embroiled in scandals or have even been charged with crimes.

From twerking to cocaine abuse, celebrities must watch out or Santa won’t come down their chimney this Christmas! Read on to discover who made Santa’s naughty list this year!

Early Life and Education

There’s no denying that certain celebrities have had a less-than-savoury side, while there have also been those who are always on the nice list. James Corden stands out as having made headlines with a restaurant scandal that went viral back in 2009. Adam Levine and Tiger Woods were also once notoriously misbehaving but appear to be behaving better nowadays.

Alicia Keys and Oprah Winfrey both rank high on the “nice list.” Both recently hosted events to raise money for their HIV/AIDS charity Keep A Child Alive, while Oprah recently donated $12 Million to Smithsonian African-American Museum.

Professional Career

Celebrities often live under the scrutiny of the public eye, meaning they’re constantly under a microscope. Sometimes this results in embarrassing or scandalous actions being exposed that could cost their careers irreparable damage.

From his outrageous VMA performance to that photo showing him grabbing one of his fans by their backsides, Robin Thicke certainly made headlines this year for all of the wrong reasons. Even with his latest album’s release and its accompanying hit singles, Thicke’s actions could damage his career considerably and will not make up for what has gone before.

Oprah made good on her promises this year by giving $12 Million to the Smithsonian’s African-American Museum. Warren Beatty once worked as a rat catcher in Washington D.C.

Achievement and Honors

Celebrities that have made headlines for bad behavior range from tax evasion and raunchy VMA performances, but have also made significant charitable donations – Oprah made headlines when she donated $12 million to the Smithsonian African-American Museum, while Alicia Keys held fundraising events for Keep a Child Alive organization, Keep A Child Alive; while Jamie Foxx became heavily involved with Trayvon Martin movement through hosting celebrity fundraisers and contributing six-figure checks towards its cause.

Personal Life

Chrissy Teigen, Miley Cyrus and the Kardashian family can’t stop oversharing about themselves and their personal lives; however, some celebrities choose not to be so forthcoming with details.

Cameron Diaz, for instance, rarely gives interviews or shares her public Instagram account with fans. Instead, this actor who first gained prominence through Gossip Girl prefers remaining private and focusing on her work alone.

Natalie Portman is another celebrity who rarely discusses their personal lives in interviews or media appearances. Although she may share details about their relationship or children Aleph and Amalia with their father Benjamin Millepied.

Some stars put their money where their mouth is by supporting social causes. Lauryn Hill hosted a fundraiser for the Trayvon Martin Foundation last November, as an example.

Net Worth

Priyanka Chopra has amassed an impressive net worth, thanks to her work in Bollywood and Hollywood, numerous personal brands, and vast endorsements. Recently she earned equal pay with male co-stars on a Netflix project for the first time!

Emma Thompson has earned two Academy Award victories for her performances in “Howard’s End” and “Nanny McPhee.” As evidence of this talent, her net worth currently exceeds $100 Million.

Naughty Boy has earned himself an international following for his music production skills and for being one of the naughtier campmates on I’m A Celebrity 2021. He clashed with fellow campmates and was caught bringing contraband into jail; estimates put his net worth at approximately PS1million.

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