Cereal Boxers

Cereal boxers are an easy way to show your passion for cereal without getting up early in order to prepare your daily bowl. These Crazy Boxers Kellogg’s Cereal Aisle boxer briefs for men are made of black polyester material and feature colorful prints of classic Kellogg’s cereal boxes on their front for display.

Professional Career

Boxers need to drink lots of water because their sweat production increases during training sessions and this should be replenished with replenished with fluid replacement. As an average rule of thumb they should aim to drink at least 3 pints on rest days and increase this on training days.

Carb intake should remain moderate during both rest days and training days in order to fuel and promote recovery. Boxers should consume some protein prior to any carb restricted sessions (but not fasted sessions) in order to protect their muscle mass against atrophy.

A well-balanced boxers diet should consist of lean meat, fish, eggs & dairy, nuts, whole grains vegetables & fruit as well as plenty of fibre which will support digestive health, reduce stress and anxiety while alleviating constipation issues.

Achievement and Honors

Swag x Kellogg’s Cereal Boxers Fun Pak features three boxer briefs to commemorate your love for Frosted Flakes, Froot Loops, and Apple Jacks cereal.

Joshua relishes his mother’s Nigerian cuisine, particularly pounded yam and eba dishes containing starch, fibre, antioxidants and immune-enhancing vitamins and minerals – ideal for replenishing glycogen stores burned for energy during training sessions. Joshua treats himself to these meals on rest days or low intensity days to ensure optimal recovery and replenish his stores of glycogen for energy replenishment.

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