Challenge Vendettas

The Challenge Vendettas Season 30 Trailer Revealed

The premiere of the thirty-first season MTV reality competition show The Challenge: Vendettas will be happening soon. The official trailer was debuted during a special mini-series called Champs vs. Stars. Kristen Bell, a reality TV star, will host the series. It will feature a cast of new characters. But what is it all about? Here are the main characters. And what will the challengers’ motivations be?

Currently, Johnny Bananas is the reigning champion of The Challenge, with over $685,000 in prize money. But in Vendettas, he lost to Devin. Devin was chosen by Tony, who chose him in the elimination game. Kayleigh left the show after the episode. Now, she is a part of the Mercenaries. Here’s what we have so far. This season, you’ll see a cast of new characters on The Challenge.

After the elimination round, players will be given a “grenade.” This will give them the opportunity to get back at their vendetta targets. These grenades can be used to steal bank accounts, make other players shackle you, or select players to stay up late before the challenge. The grenades can have different effects on the game’s challenges, just like the last season.

Unique format was used for the challenge Vendettas finale televised on NBC. The contestants were split into two teams: male or female. The males and female competitors had to dive into a soapy pit, pull themselves out, and deposit soccer balls into a bin. For the women, The Challenge Vendettas is played on a giant hashtag structure. The challenge is to place four hashtag figures on the poles of their opponents in the shortest time possible. The fastest competitor wins!

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