Chase Cheated On Madelyn

Chase Stokes and Madelyn Cline Are Back on Track

After a year of dating, Chase Stokes and Madelyn Cline broke up. It was unclear whether the duo had officially split or if they were still on good terms. However, they’ve not been seen together since early September. Their relationship was a source of concern for Outer Banks fans. They had been linked to other people, and a fan speculated that they were hitting rock bottom.

According to TMZ, Stokes had made out with another woman after their breakup. In fact, he held up her leg and pushed it against a wall. The mystery woman’s man was reportedly not happy with the actions of Chase. Despite the fact that the two were on a date, the pair avoided commenting on speculation.

Madelyn Cline and Chase Stokes began dating shortly after the release of Netflix’s hit series, Outer Banks. Their chemistry was unrivaled. Although the two didn’t have a starring role in the series, their romance seemed to be going well. As a result, rumors started circulating that the two were in a relationship.

After a few months, reports of Chase and Madelyn’s relationship were all over Twitter and Instagram. At the time, they were promoting the second season of Outer Banks. But they didn’t seem to be shy about showing their affection for each other. Eventually, they were photographed together at various events. A series of photos surfaced on their Instagrams. This was in a group setting and they didn’t tag each other, which led to some rumors.

While they didn’t mention the relationship on social media, a number of fans were left wondering if they had broken up. Even a couple of weeks after the announcement, rumors continued to circulate. Most of the people suspected that the duo was splitting. Some even questioned if the cast of Outer Banks had finally hit rock bottom. If this was the case, then it could mean a negative impact on the show.

It looks like the pair are back on track, though. They’re working on their relationship while filming a new episode of Outer Banks. Neither of them commented on rumors, but a source told People that the two are “working on it” and are trying to be professional.

Earlier in September, the duo was spotted twirling each other around at a Salvatore Ferragamo runway presentation. Both Madelyn and Ross were in Italy for the event. However, Ross said he has no romantic relationship with Madelyn. And while the two were out at the party, he supposedly flirted with other women.

According to the source, the rumors were untrue. Madelyn and Chase had been acting professionally on the series. That being said, he was spotted making out with a woman at the same party. The new woman is described as beautiful and hot.

So, it’s unclear if the two will be returning for a third season of Outer Banks. If the two are not going to be on the show, they might not be spotted together much.

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