Chase On Fixer To Fabulous

Chase Looney on Fixer to Fabulous

Chase Looney is a popular home-remodeling star who you may have seen on Fixer to Fabulous. Chase Looney is a carpenter for Dave Marrs and Jenny Marrs. He often works on homes of ordinary people like you. The show follows the Marrs as they renovate homes in Northwest Arkansas, and often make viewers wonder if the same house is still there. Chase is also a construction manager.

After spending many years in the fire service, Chase decided to become a handyman. He has two children, Lucy and Landon, and was a firefighter for several years before joining Fixer to Fabulous. He was injured while setting up fireworks displays, but the episode shows that even though his injury was severe, he continued to work with the fire department. He also owns his own construction company. This is part of his job description.

Two couples renovate historic homes. Chase Looney plays an important role in the team, while Jenny Marrs and Dave Marrs are the stars. His screen time has decreased over the seasons. As a result, he’s only appeared in a few episodes, but still manages to be a major part of the show. Chase is also an excellent construction manager, and it’s easy to see why the Marrs hired him for the show.

Fixer to Fabulous is one of the HGTV shows. The series follows two couples who restore historic homes in Bentonville. Chase Looney is also featured on the show. Chase was hurt while working in Bentonville. He was flown to Springfield, Mo. and then admitted to hospital. Chase is expected to return his regular job after he has fully recovered from his injuries.

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