Cher Barbie Doll

Fun Facts About the Cher Barbie Doll

The Mego Corporation made the Cher doll, a 12-inch plastic doll. It sold better than the Barbie doll and the actress Jane Withers was the face of the product. The doll was inspired by the iconic Cher outfits. The dolls are sold in limited editions and sell for as much as $500 on eBay. Here are some interesting facts about the doll. A few years ago, a Cher doll was made.

Cher is a well-known singer, songwriter, actress, and humanitarian who has been honored for her humanitarian efforts. She is an advocate for the Children’s Craniofacial Association, fights AIDS, and promotes voting equity. Her most recent project is to advocate for the 2020 resettlement of an Asian Elephant. Her popularity has increased, and now you can give your daughter a chance to enjoy her likeness by purchasing a Cher doll.

In 1959, Barbie released its first doll. The doll had blonde hair, red lips and gold hoops. It also came with a black and white swimsuit. Some dolls are as rare as $27,450. Rare Barbies are also worth up to $400,000.

Pink Jubilee Barbie was released in 1989 and cost a whopping $900. A few years later, Bob Mackie teamed up with Mattel to create a Barbie in a full pink gown. This Barbie was the most expensive Barbie ever sold at retail. It was worth nearly $900 at the time. It would cost close to $200 today. So if you’re looking for an expensive Barbie, you’re better off investing in a Barbie collector’s edition.

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