Christian Michele Wedding Dress

Christian Michele Wedding Dress – Best Wedding Dress of the Year

A flurry of awards have been handed out to the stars of the Big Apple over the past few months and the best of the bunch are gracing the pages of our mags, er, our hearts. And there’s no better way to say it than to share our wares with a close friend or two. Having said that, I have a hankering for a well deserved night on the town and this is the ideal excuse to have a shindig a la mode in the coolest of the coolest of the Coolest boroughs. As luck would have it, I have a bride to be in the same locale a la mode! Oh, and a snazzy ringer of a tuxedo to boot! It’s all in the name of the almighty magnum. You’ll be a hit with the ladies for sure. So, if you’re on the hunt for the best wedding dress of the year, this is the one to snag first dibs on.

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