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Christina El Moussa Has a New Book Out!

Christina El Moussa has a new book out! Christina El Moussa, a real estate agent, is co-founder of El Moussa Group. Tarek, her husband of six years, also married her in 2009. They have two children together. Christina and Tarek were married for six years, and they have two kids. After a long battle involving Tarek’s alleged suicide behavior, the couple split in 2016. Their separation was finalized on January 2018.

Christina El Moussa was married to Tarek El Moussa in 2009, and they have two children together. The couple has been separated since May 2016. After the December split, Tarek El moussa filed for divorce. Christina El Moussa is married to Tarek El Moussa. They have a son, Brayden James El Moussa.

Christina El Moussa’s social media accounts continue to promote her work from the show. She recently posted about a private on-camera open house in Fullerton, CA. Christina El Moussa has been enjoying a date night with Ant Anstead, a British television host and motor specialist. Their relationship continues to evolve, and both of them are pursuing new careers.

Hall is happy for the El Moussas. The couple has been experiencing some troubled times in the past, mainly regarding their co-parenting. The couple has two children together, Taylor, 11 and Brayden (6). The two met in the real estate industry, but their relationship soured after Christina’s loss of her fortune in the 2008 stock market crash. Christina and Tarek have continued to co-parent the children, despite the strained relationship.

Tarek and Christina El Moussa were married for eight years. The couple announced their separation in January 2017 and it was finalized in 2018. Christina continues to co-parent her children with Tarek and co-host the HGTV show Flip or Flop. Although their divorce was finalized in January 2018, both of them have found new partners. Although the couple’s separation was bittersweet, it is clear that she is still in good health.

Christina began her career in the real-estate industry after graduating from college. She was married to Tarek Al Moussa, who started their real-estate agency. After the divorce, the couple disbanded and set up a solo venture, Tarek and Associates. Christina faced some difficult times during the 2008 Stock Market Crash, as she was forced to move from her $6,000 per month house to a $700 monthly apartment. She has since been able to move to a much smaller place and still manages to work full-time in her real estate business.

Tarek El Moussa filed for divorce in January. Christina El Moussa, who split in January, has increased her social media presence and updated her Instagram photos to show her revenge body. The couple have one child together, Taylor and Brayden. Although they had split, their family is now even larger than their previous one! Christina and Tarek welcomed Jordan, their third child, in April 2017.

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