Cie Trammell Dcc

CIIE Cheerleaders

The CIIE is a professional dance company that has been around since 1990, and aims to develop young, diverse dancers in a fun, creative environment. The program can be held in theatres, concert halls and high schools. Trammell’s campers are hard workers at home, who also practice in their cars and have a balanced life. The group members share strong friendships and a commitment to their art. This dedication to the craft is reflected in their commitment to the organization, and their love for each other.

The DCC’s cheerleaders put in countless hours of preparation and supervision to ensure that every performance is flawless. The DCC staff maintains a protective control over the situation and is always available to help cheerleaders. Each cheerleader has a contract, and staff will accompany them during any overnight travel. If the appearance does not conform to DCC standards, it will be rejected.

Trammell’s 16-year-long dance career includes training in tap, jazz, and drill team. She served as a Dallas Cowboys cheerleader for four years, and was a member of the show group leader. She is also responsible for the cheerleaders stage routines. During the ’84-85 football season, Trammell transitioned from a cheerleader to a coach.

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