Cinnamon Creek Naperville

Cinnamon Creek Neighborhood in Naperville, Illinois, Recovers From Tornado Damage

Despite the devastation caused by the tornado, Naperville residents rallied to clean up the area. Shiva Patel and her sister, Sienna, spent Monday salvaging their grandparents’ home. They couldn’t see the living room when they got there. They were so scared. It was such a sad day, and they were eager to help the community. This article will give you a peek at what life is like in the neighborhood.

One of the first things you should know about Cinnamon Creek is that it’s a neighborhood with a variety of home styles and price ranges. This neighborhood is great for single-family homes. There are also duplexes and single family homes. The neighborhood is located near several parks, and it’s also home to Benedictine University, a private college founded in 1887. It is also close to two national research centers. High Oaks is the most well-known area, while Ranchview, which consists of mid-2000s duplexes, is another. Greene Ridge is another area that is made up of single-family homes.

The tornado that struck Naperville last year is still making headlines. It was a EF3 tornado, and it was so strong that it caused extensive damage. Although it wasn’t as severe as the tornado that hit New York City, residents should be aware that the tornado was a dangerous storm that left broken glass, furniture, and other debris in its wake. Piper was able to blow the neighbor’s house into his backyard during the storm. The tornado killed two people in the neighborhood.

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