C-Murder’s Wife Dione Miller Wants Him Released From Prison

C-Murder (real name Corey Mille r) is currently serving a life sentence in connection to the murder of 16 year-old Steve Thomas. Fans of the rapper have been wondering about C-Murder’s wife Dione Miller. C-Murder was a popular rapper in the 90s. He made his debut with TRU, and then joined No Limit Records to record some of the most memorable hits of the era.

Kim Kardashian West has been pushing for the C-Murder’s release for a while, but his lawyers have failed to win his appeal. Kim Kardashian has pointed out that there are no forensic evidence to connect C-Murder to the murder. She also stated that she doesn’t like Murder and does not want him to go to prison. This is a very rare situation and she has a point.

C-Murder was an integral part of the No Limit family. His debut album, Life or Death reached number three on Billboard’s 200 chart. His second album, Trapped in Crime, went on to sell over two million copies, and it became certified platinum. C-Murder has released more than 80 studio albums. His first three albums were rated #1 on the US R&B charts. C-Murder was also an important part of No Limit’s films and has starred in several of them. He has also written several novels.

No Limit rapper C-Murder was born on March 9, 1971. He rose to prominence on his brother Master P’s label, where he was a member of TRU. He released several solo albums later on and, in 1998, earned a platinum-certified album for Life or Death. By the end of his career, he had nine albums on six different labels. So far, his defense is holding out.

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