Colin Powell Desert Storm Card

Colin Powell Desert Storm Card Review

One of my favorite things to do on a Friday afternoon is to sift through my collection of the best trading cards. For the most part I’m a sucker for a good deal and a good tradeoff. I’m particularly happy to do so while snooping around at the kitchen table or sitting in my favorite chair. I’m even happy to see my husband and dog when they come to visit. And I’m the lucky one!

In addition to a solid work schedule, I’m also lucky enough to have a spouse who’s the most tech savvy of anyone I know. As a bonus he’s the biggest gadget lover I’ve ever met. I’m not saying we haven’t had our issues though. Fortunately, we have a family of geeks to help out. The trick is keeping the magic in check. That’s a challenge, but one I’ve mastered and it’s one I can handle, not to mention one of my most coveted traits: omg!

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