Connie Britton Heels

Connie Britton Heels

You’ve come to the right spot if you’re looking for Connie Britton heels. Connie Britton shoes are a well-known actress. They come in many styles. You’ll find the perfect pair for you, from pointed toes to kitten heel styles. You can add your own personal touch to your look with heels! Check out her latest styles below!

Her enviable hair and role on “Friday Night Lights” are her most prominent features. She is also known for her fashion sense and daring footwear choices. The actress often wears pared-down apparel, letting her statement heels do the talking. She often wears black leather boots that she styled herself. Her signature white pumps complete her look.

However, Britton’s feet don’t always work well in high-heeled shoes. In fact, the actress once fell five feet while wearing heels on the set of a movie. The actress has since removed her high heels for these occasions. Her heels are still very popular. She also wears a blazer to keep warm while on the set. She even has a special coat that she wears when going out in the evening.

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