Converse Sneakers – The Converse

You may have seen the term “converse” around. It is a formal way of carrying on a conversation. Talking to a friend over lunch can last for hours and often result in a shushing exchange. The word “converse” has been around since the mid-14th century and originated from a verb meaning “to move about or dwell.” The word is commonly used today to refer to talking.

A converse statement reverses the conditional statement. For example, if it is raining, then the grass is wet. If it isn’t raining, the grass is dry. If it is raining, the converse statement is true. A converse statement is similar in structure to a biconditional. A biconditional statement means that the condition is true only if p is true. If you have two conditions, the converse of either one is true or false.

If the hypothesis and the conclusion of a conditional statement are reversible, the converse statement will be the same. If “Cliff drinks water,” for example, the converse statement would read “Cliff’s a man.”

Converse is a responsible company. It has been around since 1908 and is now owned by Nike. It has been a part of several sustainability campaigns and has been committed to combating climate change since 2003. The company is committed to making its production process as eco-friendly as possible. In addition to making sneakers that are made in sustainable, environmentally-friendly ways, Converse is also working to promote innovation and inspire people. Converse is doing more than that.

A classic of Converse design is the Chuck Taylor All Star. With a hundred million pairs sold every year, it might be the most popular sneaker in history. Converse’s Chuck II tried to modernize the classic All Star, but failed miserably. With its first attempt to update the Chuck Taylor All Star, the company received a massive 180-page cease-and-desist letter from 30 companies. But this time, the new model is more refined and more suited for the casual wear market.

The Converse “The Weapon” basketball shoe is another popular option. Axl Rose first wore the Converse “Warrior” in Guns N’ Rose’s music video “Estranged”. This model was later remixed by a number of influential LA culture makers. Other artists in the line include Vince Staples, BornXRaised, Clot, and Dr. Woo. These sneakers were all designed to make an impact on basketball.

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