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Real Housewives of Atlanta Actor Conya Dillon

Kenya Moore and Conya Weems-Dillon came to an amicable agreement, and she began moving her personal belongings out of their Roswell, Georgia residence voluntarily on Tuesday afternoon. Kenya maintains that her departure is voluntary.

She further alleges Weems-Dillon has invented the lease disagreement to sell it as an issue in order to create media interest in her story.

Early Life and Education

Dillon has also earned himself a name as an accomplished martial artist, having competed in a number of competitions and earning various titles and awards in those competitions.

He boasts a host of skills, such as jiu-jitsu and boxing. Furthermore, he regularly participates in charity events while working to bring awareness about mental illness.

Kenya Moore recently found herself involved in an interesting dispute with her landlord. After falling $848 short on rent payments, he filed a lawsuit alleging Kenya is an unreasonable tenant – in it, he made claims about Kenya being “bad tenant”; Kenya responded that she will challenge this case legally in court.

Professional Career

O’Malley Dillon earned legendary status within Democratic circles for her service as deputy campaign manager to President Obama, helping him clinch second-place finishes in Iowa twice with innovative field and data models that improved turnout and analytics.

Dillon has mostly kept to herself since leaving the Obama administration, although her presence in a spin room during an O’Rourke debate was evident to more experienced reporters and operatives.

Moore is also an author and entrepreneur, having appeared on multiple magazine covers before publishing her advice book Game, Get Some in 2007. Additionally to appearing on RHOA, Moore has appeared in music videos featuring artists including Nas and Jermaine Dupri as well as being a former beauty queen/model and having her own fitness product line.

Personal Life

O’Malley Dillon was one of several young staffers during Obama’s administration who preferred staying out of the limelight and playing behind-the-scenes roles rather than being seen publicly as West Wing characters.

She gained legendary status within Democratic circles in 2012 when she played an instrumental role in helping President Obama achieve an unprecedented landslide win in South Dakota and John Edwards secure two second-place finishes at Iowa caucuses.

Kenya Moore and Conya Weems Dillon have come to an amicable resolution of their bitter eviction battle, which had been ongoing. She revealed on Wendy Williams Show that she will leave her rented Roswell mansion as she claims Weems is lying about being late on rent; Kenya further accuses Weems of backhanded slapping black people. Watch video here.

Net Worth

He has established himself in film and television, working with esteemed directors such as Gus Van Sant and Francis Ford Coppola. Additionally, his acting and car racing careers have yielded considerable earnings along with numerous endorsements.

He has appeared in a number of music videos by rappers such as 2Pac’s “Street Dreams” and Nas’ “Money Ain’t a Thang.” Additionally, Kenya gained significant following via her comedy shows and podcast, further contributing to his net worth. Kenya first made headlines when she was evicted from her $4000 per month Roswell mansion due to not paying rent on time in June 2013. Kenya responded by labelling Conya Dillon Weems “vengeful, cold-hearted wicked person”.

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