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Cornelius Devon Oliver

Cornelius Devon Oliver was found guilty in connection with a December 2000 quadruple homicide in Wichita and sentenced to 140 years of incarceration.

He asserts that the district court made an irreparable error in rejecting an expert psychologist’s report regarding the likelihood that Oliver falsified his confession during sentencing, without providing further insight into its origins and causes.

Early Life and Education

Cornelius Devon Oliver was born to Yvette Oliver on December 5, 1982 and spent most of his childhood years living in Michigan before later moving to Idaho for further study and activism. As an activist he believed life should be approached with faith and humanity in mind, helping children, adults, and those with special needs.

In December 2016, police officers arrived at Oliver’s house where he killed Jermaine Levy, Quincy Williams, Odessa Ford and Raeshawnda Wheaton. While attempting to flee he was apprehended on his brother’s porch. It was found his shoes still had blood traces while his clothing had both Levy’s and Williams’ blood residue present on them.

On appeal, Oliver maintains that the district court made an error by restricting testimony regarding his dependent personality disorder as an element of motive in the murders.

Professional Career

Cornelius Oliver has competed in 74 professional fights since making his debut on November 2, 1985, winning 38 and becoming a four-time heavyweight world title holder in his 74 bouts. He made history on November 2, 1985 by knocking Lou Bailey out in one round during their opening bout.

Oliver Wyman Munich Partner Cornelius works within their Transportation and Supply Chain & Logistics practices, serving clients both North American and European.

Bushland graduate Taylor Cornelius and West Texas A&M star kicker Sergio Castillo had both enjoyed successful seasons with their respective XFL teams when news of its closing was received. Both men are hopeful for a chance to play for an NFL franchise or return with the Roughnecks next season.

Achievement and Honors

Cornelius Oliver was an esteemed alum of Juniata College. As part of its Class Fund Committee, he led efforts to encourage giving to his alma mater and secure its future. Furthermore, he played an integral part in planning his class’s 50th reunion that raised an unprecedented $1.4 Million to create scholarships for first-generation students.

He has shown his generosity throughout campus, being an ever-present presence at alumni events across the country and serving as an advocate for Juniata at high school college fairs to recruit prospective students.

Oliver has published several collections of poetry, such as American Primitive which glorifies nature in a manner inspired by Edna St Vincent Millay. Additionally, his books House of Light, Blue Pastures, White Pine and West Wind: Poems and Prose have also received positive reviews.

Personal Life

Cornelius Devon Oliver appeals his conviction and death sentence for the quadruple murders of Jermaine Levy, Quincy Williams, Odessa Ford and Raeshawnda Wheaton. Oliver contends that his district court should not have excluded expert evidence regarding psychological disorders he has; according to expert witness Poch, Oliver suffered post-traumatic stress disorder caused by witnessing crimes while his dependent personality disorder resulted in false confessions to law enforcement officials.

Oliver was wearing inappropriate clothing for December weather; making statements to police that implied he would get anyone helping Wheaton; leaving his brother’s porch while officers were still approaching; and having bloodstains on both shoes and clothing are among several indicators that his confession may have not been voluntary.

Net Worth

Cornelius Vanderbilt amassed his fortune running steamboats, then investing in railroads to form massive industrial powerhouses worth approximately $185 billion at his death. Vanderbilt also founded Vanderbilt University; his descendants still hold vast real estate holdings in New York City.

Sunbear was an obscure soul/funk vocal duo formed in 1977 by Cornelius Oliver and Werner Schuchner, with influences ranging from Earth Wind & Fire to Tower of Power and El Chicano in their sound. Sunbear recorded under Don Griffey’s Soul Train Records which later evolved into Solar Records once Cornelius left the label in 1978.

Cornelius Oliver keeps his personal life under wraps, declining to discuss details regarding his relationships or intimate aspects of his sex life.

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