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Ryan Gosling and the Big Short

One of the biggest stars to hit the big screen in the last decade, Ryan Gosling has a plethora of projects in the works. He is currently in Los Angeles, preparing for his latest outing in the upcoming “The Nice Guys.” He’s also slated to star in “The Big Short,” which is based on a book by Brad Pitt. He’ll be repping his own Plan B company in the latter.

As far as the “The Big Short” goes, it’s a financial drama based on the bestselling book of the same name. It documents the corrupt men behind the financial crisis of 2007. In addition to Gosling, Christian Bale and Eva Mendes have been rumored as possible cast members. It’s been a while since we’ve seen the pair together onscreen.

If you’re a fan of glitz and glam, “The Big Short” may be the movie for you. The film is set to premiere in New Orleans on December 14. Aside from its star power, Gosling’s latest has all the hallmarks of a Hollywood blockbuster. The production has a hefty budget and a solid ensemble of talent. It’s been touted as a must-see and an Oscar contender. As a fan of the genre, I’m excited to see what else he brings to the table.

On the topic of Gosling’s latest, I’d like to take a moment to address a few of the lesser-known aspects. The production isn’t without its kinks. The big budget might have made the movie a bit too pretentious for the viewer’s liking. It also has a few dubiously vetted ad libs. For instance, the film makes use of an out-of-place prop to bolster its story. Adding insult to injury, the main character, Ken, looks too much like a stereotypical bartender at The Abbey. This is the least of Gosling’s faults, but he gets credit for the production’s tenacity in trying to make a good movie.

While the art film is not for everyone, it has artistic merits. It also may have the best movie involving a bicycle. Having said that, the film is a little too self indulgent to be truly compelling. The cinematography is lackluster. Nevertheless, the film has a few memorable moments. The aforementioned bicycle is a fun scene. It’s also a sign that the production team knows what they’re doing. If the film has any hope of earning a best picture nomination, it will need to find a way to balance its flaws with its virtues. In other words, Gosling will need to do more than slap on a bike to make the film’s biggest strengths work.

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