Dan Asher

Dan Asher, Founder and CEO of Foundation Management Group

Asher’s hand-held camera zoomed in and magnified details, creating intimate yet highly poetic moments from public experience. His work encompassed photography, drawing, painting, sculpture and more.

Chef Daniel Asher is helping define Colorado’s restaurant scene through his eco-conscious cuisine and hospitality. As the culinary director for Edible Beats and part of Root Down Linger Ophelias teams.

Early Life and Education

Asher’s handheld camera zooms in and magnifies details, turning public experiences into intimate and often poetic instances. His videos serve as an intermediary between two ephemeral states of “presence” – his own presence hidden amongst all that he records, and those of anonymous subjects who may either know they are being taped or remain blissfully unaware.

Asher was passionate about music, enjoying drumming and creating one-of-a-kind art pieces using shells he found along the beach with his mother. Over time, his interest turned into songwriting, where he could express himself creatively.

Asher graduated from UMHS in 2022 and will return to Piedmont Medical Center this fall as a hospitalist. Over recent months he has seen many COVID-19 patients, and remains hopeful that there will be an available vaccine by early 2021.

Professional Career

Asher has been involved in the restaurant industry for two decades, shaping true farm-to-table cuisine at Root Down, Linger and Ophelia’s in Denver. Additionally, he owns both catering services and food consulting firms.

He has served on the boards of several organizations and as past president of Philanthropy Northwest. With 30 years of specialized problem-solving and hands-on management experience under his belt, Foundation Management Group will benefit greatly from his services.

Asher began his musical journey by purchasing an old drum kit at a garage sale. Since then, he has played in multiple bands while continuing to compose music, as well as participating in worship services with multiple worship bands. River and Woods is his newest project which showcases his passion for local agriculture, sustainability and food justice.

Achievement and Honors

Dan has nearly two decades of invaluable, insightful, and inspirational Foundation management, endowment fund direction, and planned giving consultation experience at Foundation Management Group. Dan is committed to the success of both his clients and their Foundations.

Asher was an avid reader and was passionate about all things musical theater. He enjoyed singing, playing his guitar, writing songs and strolling through nature admiring God’s beautiful creation. Additionally, Asher enjoyed rollerblading as well as attending his Brevard Autism Coalition Teen Support Group meetings each Thursday evening.

Asher was passionate about local agriculture, sustainable sourcing and food justice; his culinary philosophies at Root Down, Linger and Ophelia’s Electric Soapbox in Denver reflected these beliefs. His recipes and views were featured by numerous publications and food service companies.

Personal Life

Chef Daniel Asher has long made local agriculture, sustainable sourcing and food justice his focus of his restaurant career. His recipes and philosophies have been featured in national publications; he served as Culinary Director for Edible Beats before helping define true farm-to-table cuisine at Root Down, Linger, Ophelia’s Electric Soapbox Vital Root and Ash’Kara in Denver.

River and Woods, his latest passion project in Boulder’s former John’s Restaurant space, pays homage to Colorado lifestyle with an inviting family-oriented restaurant and is designed for an experience.

Asher is also a professional musician, songwriter, and composer. His music draws upon life experiences to connect and reach audiences in their own individual ways; its lyrics feature poetic melodies with indie folk themes.

Net Worth

Lizzy Asher has become a respected fashion designer. Through hard work and dedication, she has amassed an immense fortune – in part through charitable contributions made on her behalf by husband Daniel Ezra of a leading financial institution.

Asher brings over 30 years of specialized problem-solving and hands-on management experience to Foundation Management Group LLC. He has an impressive record of achievement and has served on the boards of many foundations throughout his career – currently, Philanthropy Northwest and Washington Planned Giving Council are two he currently sits as past-presidents; according to SEC Form 4 filings he sold LMND stock worth more than $87 Million between January 2019 and January 2019. Since 2016, Asher has made several trades worth over $2 Million with Angel Oak Strategies Income Term Trust since 2016 with his largest transaction being selling 125,500 units on February 1, 2022 worth $2850,000.

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