Dan Feola

Dan Feola, a Convicted Sex Offender, Found His Way Into a Pennsylvania Recovery Home

People entering recovery homes may be sent there by courts; you might expect that anyone running such homes would be thoroughly vetted before entering. Unfortunately, in Pennsylvania this is not always the case.

Upper Providence man will serve jail time after pleading guilty to indecent contact with a 9-year-old girl.

Early Life and Education

Light the Way Recovery was established by Feola in February 2017 according to documents filed with Pennsylvania. He bankrolled its operation and served on its board; however, his daughter and three female residents say they have no knowledge about his past.

On August 25th, Farese received a call from someone that Detective Magaletti suspected was Daniel Wall who discussed money owed him by Vinny Tarantelli. Later that same day, another caller identified as Daniel Wall told Wall that they would bring 15-20 “tickets” (quantities of cocaine).

On November 13th Jimmy visited Acevedo at 288 Lexington Avenue to discuss selling six quantities of cocaine referred to as “six broads.” Physical surveillance did not reveal any drugs present during Rosner and Feola’s meeting that afternoon.

Professional Career

When entering a recovery home, whether for sexual offending or otherwise, an individual should undergo extensive vetting by government authorities before being permitted to move in. Unfortunately, that does not always happen, particularly in Pennsylvania where former sexual offender Dan Feola founded two residential centers without first receiving clearance from authorities.

Light the Way Recovery houses exclusively serve female clients. Feola was listed as sole owner in incorporation documents filed with the state shortly after her plea of guilt for child molestation was accepted in 2017.

Now, he will be evaluated by a state panel to ascertain his status as sexually violent predator and, if that occurs, be subject to stringent restrictions, including having to report his addresses directly to police.

Personal Life

Feola lives in Royersford with his wife and daughter. As an active Christian author and speaker, he helps others grow closer to God through books and online fasting programs such as his Daniel fast every January – which draws in thousands of participants worldwide!

Feola is also the founder and CEO of Light the Way Recovery, which operates two exclusive recovery homes for women in Pottstown. He founded this business shortly after pleading guilty to child molestation charges; while Pennsylvania plans to regulate recovery homes eventually, Feola’s unregulated facilities still operate with no background checks or certification requirements – indeed he alone is listed on incorporation documents for Light the Way Recovery.

Net Worth

Detective Magaletti concluded from Feola and Acevedo’s conversations on November 14th as discussions concerning money. Acevedo visited Feola at her residence and informed her he had taken “five” (an allusion to cocaine quantities from Farese) while agreeing to return all fifteen.

Detective Magaletti submitted his second application arguing that one of the calls intercepted under Order A on August 25th showed Farese was planning to purchase drugs from Feola upon her return from Europe, as evidenced by an interrogation of Dominic Carbone who reported Feola and Farese fronting cocaine for John Cercena with Carbone acting as their enforcer. Furthermore, an affidavit from Vincent James Tarantelli from Boston as well as 23 calls intercepted over McGuire’s telephone all supported these findings.

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