Dan Fields Net Worth

Daniel Fields is an extremely recognizable personality worldwide, boasting numerous fans and supporters. As someone of great talent who has accomplished so much throughout their life journey.

He has made significant contributions to his community as well, making a positive impactful difference through providing support that changes lives.

Early Life and Education

Dan Fields is a well-known celebrity with many fans around the globe. His success and recognition stem from hard work over many years; he possesses in-depth knowledge of his industry and is always ready to assist those around him.

Recently, he established his own public interest law firm on the Upper West Side. Since its opening, this office has assisted numerous people dealing with issues like tenant disputes and civil rights violations.

Since 2001, he has also been the Executive Director for Community Benefit, Government Relations and External Affairs at Kaiser Permanente. With extensive experience negotiating to find concrete solutions to complex problems through negotiations and dedication to building partnerships, his skills distinguished him among 48 other applicants for leading the Joint Office of Homeless Services.

Professional Career

Dan Fields has become an internationally acclaimed figure due to his hard work and determination. Thanks to this, he has achieved great success throughout his professional career and gained widespread acclaim among people of all ages.

He currently serves as president of Fields Auto, which operates branches throughout various states. Prior to that he served as music manager for Iggy and the Stooges and Ramones artists.

Multnomah County Chair Jessica Vega Pederson and Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler chose Field from among a competitive pool of applicants as the new Director of Homeless Services with an estimated budget of $255 Million and 95 employees at Kaiser Permanente, as he took over their community benefit, government relations, and external affairs departments.

Achievement and Honors

Dan Fields has accomplished much in his career and garnered widespread acclaim. Known as one of the leading celebrities worldwide and being widely recognized for his significant contribution to society. Through hard work and determination he has reached this point.

He is an active volunteer, serving on the boards of several nonprofit organizations and raising funds for community needs, such as veterans and victims of natural disasters. As an avid supporter of philanthropy and life-long learner himself, he serves as an inspiring role model and inspires those around him – with over 53,000 followers on social media alone! In essence – this person is good in spirit and has done much good for society!

Personal Life

Dan has worked with numerous esteemed organizations and his professional achievements have earned him international renown. He continues to strive hard toward meeting his goals.

He is an advocate for education, having done many remarkable feats during his career. Additionally, he is an outstanding philanthropist who has assisted countless people in need.

He enjoys hiking and camping for fun; has an immense love of the natural world; particularly Yosemite National Park; reading, playing board games and listening to live music are other favorite pastimes of his. In addition, his strong family ties extend even to two daughters-in-law and an adorable grandson!

Net Worth

As one of the world’s best-known personalities, Dan Fields has amassed significant wealth. He achieved this through hard work over many years and through his contributions to media and society he is well respected among people all around the globe.

Fields has also remained actively involved in the music industry, working as a disc jockey at WFMU in the late ’60s to popularize free-form rock with bands such as The Doors. He has long opposed censorship and championed free expression.

Fields owns over 25,455 shares of Mobile Iron Inc stock worth an estimated $5,568,605 which he has traded frequently over the past year; total value of his trades as of February 2018: approximately $1.50 Million

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