Dan Firkus

Dan Firkus

Daniel Firkus is a general practice attorney practicing in Amery, WI and provides legal assistance with matters pertaining to Bankruptcy, Taxation, Automobile Accidents, Personal Injury Claims and Criminal Law. Practicing since 2008

Jurors were not immediately convinced of Nicholas Firkus’ guilt when they found him guilty of killing Heidi and trying to blame it on a black man, but over time several small indicators led them to doubt his story.

Early Life and Education

Dan and Marilyn raised six children, affectionately known by him and his brother as “miracle kids.” Dan enjoyed hunting, fishing, gardening, making maple syrup and healing salve, cultivating different fruit trees as well as taking care of their flock of chickens.

Firkus graduated with a Bachelor of Musical Theatre from University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee and later introduced to drag through LaCage Nite Club. Following Katya Zamolodchikova on Viceland show UNHHhhh for two seasons before Firkus cast as Trixie Mattel on its spin-off series UNHHhhh was cast again with him as lead.

While education should certainly play a key role when selecting an attorney, other aspects should also be taken into consideration such as their background, reputation and experience.

Professional Career

Firkus has proven himself one of the most prolific players in the Western Hockey League for two seasons running, making a substantial impactful impression at every opportunity. He could make his NHL debut later this season through Seattle’s AHL affiliate Coachella Valley Firebirds.

Harrison Ford lived for much of his life in Milwaukee, gaining notoriety through roles such as Witness, Presumed Innocent and Air Force One films that earned him both an Academy Award nomination and four Golden Globe awards. Laura Ingalls Wilder lived nearby Pepin while writing her famous Little House books.

Attorney Daniel E. Firkus maintains a general practice in Amery. His areas of specialization include bankruptcy and tax law, automobile accidents and personal injury law, criminal law, real estate law and family law – and has earned himself an unblemished client rating!

Achievement and Honors

Firkus has also appeared in various reality shows and written two acoustic country folk albums. He competed on RuPaul’s Drag Race’s seventh season and won All Stars season 3.

He boasts an expansive social media following and often shares humorous posts, as well as being well known for his positive outlook and humorous commentary.

Trixie Mattel, Dan’s younger sister, and they share an extremely close bond. Recently, Trixie shared an amusing post of Dan on Instagram that quickly garnered much praise from netizens; many found it both clever and hilarious! Check it out below – Dan is also active on his YouTube channel regularly sharing updates about himself and his family!

Personal Life

Firkus can feel overwhelmed by everything he’s experienced since turning 21, yet when he puts on drag it becomes something else: an insightful joke or clever lyric about turning “a heap of straw into gold”.

Three jurors interviewed by the Pioneer Press said during Nicholas’ trial that as evidence came in and testimony was presented, they gradually disbelieved his account of a stranger breaking into his home and shooting him and his wife. On the final day of deliberations they concluded beyond reasonable doubt that Nicholas was guilty of murder; now serving life without parole without possibility of parole he plans on appealing his conviction with his attorney saying they plan to appeal the conviction.

Net Worth

He is an American drag queen, singer-songwriter, comedian and entrepreneur who gained widespread notoriety by competing on RuPaul’s Drag Race’s seventh season. Additionally he runs his YouTube channel and cosmetics line.

He was born in Milwaukee, Wisconsin with Ojibwe and Native American roots and attended the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee to study musical theater. He has two half-sisters who often appear alongside him on social media; unfortunately his stepfather was abusive during their upbringing.

He is a Virgo, meaning that his analytical thinking and perfectionism may have contributed to his success; these traits may have helped create his estimated net worth of $4 Million as of 2020.

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