Dan Gifford

Dan Gifford

Dan Gifford has had an expansive career that bridges academia and public history, teaching at George Mason University, Smithsonian Institution and other institutions. A scholar in American popular culture studies and museums studies, Dan has published multiple books throughout his tenure.

He holds a bachelor of accounting from Otterbein University and is active on its alumni council as well as serving on its Enrollment and Advancement committee.

Early Life and Education

Ezra Gifford played an integral part in shaping this county from its infancy, and during his lifetime up until his passing he remained engaged in its interest and development. A man of honesty and hard work, Ezra won over his neighbors due to his trustworthy conduct.

He taught law at both the University of Michigan and Penn Law Schools as well as universities in France, Belgium and Sweden. Additionally he is author of over 60 scholarly articles and multiple case books.

He holds a PhD from George Mason University and currently teaches at multiple universities near his hometown of Louisville, Kentucky. Additionally, he appears regularly as an expert guest on podcasts and lectures about American popular culture and museum studies.

Professional Career

Dan Gifford has worked as a financial professional and earned three securities licenses: Series 63, 7 and 6. Additionally he served as corporate executive and real estate developer.

Gifford began his legal practice with Cleary, Gottlieb, Steen & Hamilton of New York before becoming part of the faculty at University of Minnesota Law School as the Robins Kaplan Professor of Law Emeritus. There, he taught courses such as antitrust law, administrative law and intellectual property.

He is widely published, having co-authored The Atlantic Divide in Antitrust: An Examination of US and EU Competition Policy with Robert Kudrle. Additionally, he often presents at national and international conferences.

Achievement and Honors

Gifford attributes many priests with helping him understand his calling to priesthood, as well as to Mother Mary and Divine Mercy, for providing key influences in his life.

He taught at the University of Minnesota Law School and received his JSD at Columbia University, specializing in antitrust and administrative law while writing numerous scholarly articles, legal casebooks, and chapters for edited books.

Dan was recently honored with the League Football Education award for academic and sporting excellence. An outstanding student, Dan made an outstanding start in his Pompey career thanks to his drive, perseverance and motivation; accomplishing an exceptional level of work on his BTEC Extended Diploma.

Personal Life

Gifford’s career spans academia and public history, including George Mason University and the Smithsonian Institution. His research interests center on American popular culture and museum studies; he has published multiple scholarly articles and chapters in edited books.

He has also served as a visiting professor at both the University of Michigan and Pennsylvania law schools, as well as universities in France, Belgium, and Sweden. Additionally, he belongs to both the American Law Institute and Minnesota State Bar Association’s Section on Antitrust Law.

Gifford credits his upbringing with priests for inspiring his discernment of ministry as “good, holy examples” of what priests should be. Gifford currently resides in Morton with his wife and one-year-old son and enjoys reading, playing sports and traveling to new destinations.

Net Worth

Frank Gifford was an iconic football player and sportscaster, beloved by millions of fans worldwide for both his incredible on-field skills and charisma.

Once he retired from playing football, he transitioned into broadcasting, appearing on numerous TV shows – most notably ABC’s Monday Night Football show.

Throughout his career, he announced Evel Knievel’s jumps on Wide World of Sports as well as hosting various other TV programs.

Gifford was also an accomplished author, penning several books during his life. Additionally, he generously supported numerous charitable organizations.

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