Dan Imes

Dan Imes – A Beloved Music Educator and Music Teacher

Dan Imes was an esteemed educator and musician. A 1982 graduate of Boyd County High School and 1986 grad of Morehead State University, he adjudicated orchestras, marching bands, concert bands, orchestra rehearsals in Kentucky, West Virginia and Virginia before teaching music education courses at Kentucky Christian University Grayson Campus (KCU Grayson) while working with student teachers there.

Early Life and Education

Born Benjamin Imes to parents who had been freed slaves in south-central Pennsylvania, he went on to be an influential educator and home missionary. Earning both his undergraduate degree from Oberlin College (1877) and divinity degree (1880).

Imes worked as a teacher before embarking on his scientific career. Enrolling at Fisk University and earning his master’s in science in 1915. Subsequently attending University of Michigan under Harrison Randall for postgraduate physics studies where he earned his Ph.D in 1918 – making him only the second African American ever to achieve such an accolade after Edward Bouchet.

On his return to Fisk University, Imes chaired its physics department and mentored many students who later went on to study at universities around the world. He married Nella Larsen – an RN by training who would later go on to win recognition for her writing – who eventually went on to win national literary recognition herself.

Professional Career

Daniel graduated from Boyd County High School and obtained his B.A. in Music Education from Morehead State University. With 36 years of teaching experience – 16 as a band teacher in Kentucky and Ohio schools – and 16 as director of technical recruitment at Headway. Alongside this professional role, Daniel has extensive personal experience supporting professionals undergoing significant transitions in their careers as well as being an ardent advocate of diversity and inclusion issues. Daniel currently resides in Flatwoods with his wife Jill Isaac Imes and daughter Emma Grace.

Achievement and Honors

Imes was recognized throughout his career for being an accomplished scientist, dedicated educator and holistic thinker. Additionally, his wide range of interests and successful activism against segregation earned him widespread praise.

Imes’ research made a tremendous contribution to quantum theory. His observations of simple gas molecules helped validate several aspects of its theory and provided strong proof that it could apply to radiation.

He currently serves as assistant coach of LCU’s men’s basketball team, overseeing opponent scouting, recruiting efforts and the planning and running of practice sessions. Through his guidance, the program has grown into one of the premier South Central Regional programs nationally recognized.

Personal Life

Daniel was an adored husband, father, and grandfather. A 1982 graduate of Boyd County High School and Morehead State University’s Bachelor’s program in Music Education; Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia and Phi Beta Mu were among his membership affiliations; later earning his Masters of Education at Western Kentucky University. Daniel loved classic cars as much as spending time with his family.

He leaves behind his wife, Jill Imes of Flatwoods; sons Daniel and Tiffany Imes from Ridgeley, West Virginia; daughter Emma Grace Imes born Lexington; brothers David Richard Imes with wife Susannah of Ashland; Dwayne Edward Imes with wife Kara of Lexington as well as extended family and many close friends.

Net Worth

Daniel is known for being quite private and does not share much about his personal life with anyone, from family members and children, to potential romantic interests or their names. He does not reveal much information regarding any potential or current partners either.

He is an attractive individual with an engaging personality. He stands a decent height of around 180 cm and weighs around 82 kg, boasting dark brown hair and brown eyes.

As of 2022, his estimated net worth is currently estimated at an estimated total of $1 Million and expected to rise as he works in literature. Additionally, he serves as an inspirational speaker and autistic savant with multiple books written, such as Born on a Blue Day and Thinking in Numbers.

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