Dan Markel Murder

The Dan Markel Murder Investigation Continues

There is an ongoing investigation into the murder of Dan Markel. The victim was a high-school teacher and father of two children. This was the most shocking case of murder in recent memory. Although the motives of the murder are not known, there were many suspects. Charles Adelson was indicted by a grand jury on Wednesday. Magbanua and Adelson were arrested and are scheduled to go on trial next month. Markel’s family released a statement thanking law enforcement for their investigation.

During the trial Magbanua, a hitman and the Adelson families were implicated. The murder was arranged by the Adelsons, it was believed. Magbanua was in an intimate relationship with Charlie Adelson (a Florida State University law professor). He was also dating Magbanua, who was purportedly working at Charlie Adelson’s dental office. Magbanua, Garcia and the other suspects were convicted of murder.

Magbanua was seated in the courtroom between two defense attorneys. She was emotional as the judge read the verdict. She hung her head and cried during the hearing. Magbanua’s parents sat with her in the courtroom. They watched the trial every day. The defense attorney, Tara Kawass, told the jury that the state was trying to convict the wrong person. Magbanua pleaded guilty to the charges, but she appeals his conviction.

Adelson, the defendant in the Markel murder trial, met Magbanua at a local bar and later discussed the arrest of Adelson’s mother. They also discussed the murder of Markel in 2016, as well as his mother being questioned by law enforcement. The defense team questioned the validity of the cell phone data that showed Adelson’s location. They claimed that cell phone data could not pinpoint Adelson’s exact location.

The investigation revealed a number of disturbing new details about this case. Adelson was Markel’s brother-in law. The two had a bitter custody dispute. An audio forensics expert later enhanced the video. The audio recording was so silent that some parts are still unintelligible. The case against Adelson will not be convicted. The investigation continues, and Adelson’s case is expected to be resolved soon.

As part of the trial, Garcia was also named as the alleged triggerman. Garcia was convicted in 2014 of murder and sentenced to 30 years for conspiracy. In 2016, Garcia pleaded guilty to the murder and was sentenced to seven years in prison. Markel’s family and friends feared that Garcia and Markel might have been involved in the murder. However, they did not find any evidence of this theory.

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