Dan McMenamin

Dan McMenamin

Dan was an ambitious individual with great aspirations. A tireless worker at both high school and college levels, Dan took on multiple AP courses while still managing to work at his local diner as a high schooler and give back generously to those closest to him. Dan cared deeply for all those around him.

Early Life and Education

Long Island teacher Daniel McMenamin of Valley Stream, 33 years old and teaching at Lawrence Woodmere Academy between November 2014 and July 2017, is facing charges for having deviant sexual contact with student, age 14, between November 2014 and July 2017, police have charged.

The Book of Daniel is an Old Testament book found within Ketuvim (Writings), part of Jewish canon and also included in Christian Bible. This collection of texts tells Daniel’s tale – an exiled court official known for his honesty and wisdom who later returned home after exile.

McMenamin grew up in Alameda, California. He attended The Madeleine School in Irvington and Jesuit High School in Beaverton before continuing on his education at Cornell University.

Professional Career

Daniel McMenamin is an accomplished professional singer who has performed from Portland to Chicago on stages across both cities. For several years he taught vocal lessons through PDX Vox and Northwest Children’s Theater, as well as writing/recording songs/music for numerous TV shows/movies.

Recently he served as offensive coordinator at Central Missouri where his Mules became one of the top teams in NCAA Division II during that season and placed second overall in terms of offense. They went on to reach playoffs and win the Mineral Water Bowl championship game.

Maree is an experienced podiatrist who trained in Queensland and graduated with distinction. Since then she has acquired additional qualifications in Remedial Massage and Holistic Medicine – taking a particular interest in Aged Care as she gives back to the community.

Achievement and Honors

McMenamins are widely respected professionals across several fields including art, architecture, music education law and science. Elizabeth McMenamin’s ancestor Robert Delby McMenamin served as Mayor of Monterey during 1959-’59; Holiday Magazine included this story as one example. Additionally they spread globally: Joe was missionary to Zambia while Christine wrote books on ocean floors in Darwin Australia.

McMenamin made headlines again when he became champion conditional jockey for 2017; an accomplishment which far surpassed any expectations. At just 24 years old, McMenamin became the youngest-ever recipient of this title. Now teaching at Lawrence Woodmere Academy in Valley Stream, New York and described by students as caring, McMenamin is being accused of sexually assaulting student starting November 2014 until July 2017 as per Nassau County police. Charges include three counts of second-degree rape and 24 counts of third-degree criminal sexual acts against him if found guilty in court proceedings against him if found guilty.

Personal Life

Daniel McMenamin was an incredibly selfless and loving individual, always fighting hard for those he cared about, including his wife Susie who stood by him with undiminished strength during a challenging period in their lives.

Woodmere Academy teacher 33-year-old teacher was arrested Friday for engaging in several acts of sexual misconduct with 14-year-old student starting November 2014 through July 2017 (start date November and end date July). As such he has been charged with both rape and criminal sexual act with minors.

His grandmother “Mimi” also encouraged and supported him in reaching for his dreams. She would stay up late into the night with him to complete high school papers and get grades needed to gain admission into Cornell University.

Net Worth

Daniel McMenamin makes a comfortable living as a professional Politician, amassing an estimated net worth between $1-5 Million. However, his personal life remains private and does not share information regarding his wife, children, or parents with the media.

McMenamins of Portland announced Tuesday its plans to reduce short-term debt related to its coronavirus shutdown and kick start construction projects with individual investors by seeking $20 million through preferred stock, which functions like a loan while giving shareholders voting rights in certain situations.

Nicky Richards, former Northern Racing Conditional Jockey Champion and mentor to McMenamin, was instrumental in his success this season and winning Nuts Well’s Old Roan Chase on Nuts Well’s.

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