Dan O’Dowd Net Worth

Dan O’Dowd is an esteemed Celebrity who has garnered much acclaim for his outstanding contributions and garnered a sizable fan following worldwide.

O’Dowd is the founder and chief executive of Green Hills Software, a competing product to Tesla’s self-driving cars, producing competing software to theirs. He has often expressed criticisms of Musk and his company.

Early Life and Education

O’Dowd was born September 6, 1959 in Montville, Connecticut and currently works as the General Manager and Analyst of Colorado Rockies on MLB Network. His estimated net worth ranges between $1 Million – $5 Million.

He’s an advocate for healthy lifestyles, working through his company Green Hills Software to promote fitness apps. Additionally, he believes VR and AR technologies will become just as indispensable in our daily lives as smartphones today.

O’Dowd helped Arizona State make two NCAA Tournament appearances while serving as associate head coach of UTSA in 2011, leading them to an Southland Conference Tournament title. He currently resides in Columbia, Missouri with his wife and two sons as well as their three dogs.

Professional Career

Dan O’dowd is a tech billionaire and founder of Green Hills Software, which creates operating systems and programming tools for computers. Additionally, his successful WIN Reality business creates virtual reality experiences tailored for baseball and softball hitters.

He has long been an ardent proponent of Tesla (TSLA), purchasing two Roadsters and two Model 3 sedans – but has taken issue with Tesla’s Full Self-Driving software which he claims contains serious flaws that pose risks to public safety.

He has set aside nearly $650,000 worth of television airtime for a national campaign aimed at forcing Musk and Tesla to fix FSD problems or face regulation, or face court action. His campaign ad features videos showing FSD cars committing errors such as driving on closed streets, running over mannequins, or missing stop signs.

Achievement and Honors

Dan O’Dowd is an analyst on MLB Tonight and founder of WIN Reality. A graduate of Montville Township High School and Rollins College, he currently resides in North Jersey.

O’Dowd is also an accomplished basketball coach, having recruited and coached two Southeastern Conference Players of the Year and leading his teams to consecutive NCAA Tournament appearances. From 1993-98 he served as Mississippi’s top assistant, handling game planning and practice management, player development, recruiting duties and off-campus duties.

Dealin’ Dan is widely credited with helping the Rockies form one of baseball’s most formidable teams ever, thanks to his draft picks such as Troy Tulowitzki and Nolan Arenado as well as signing free agents like Matt Holliday and Charlie Blackmon. However, his tenure was marred by losing seasons and an overwhelming sense of dissatisfaction from fans.

Personal Life

Dan O’Dowd is an enthusiastic fitness enthusiast. Green Hills Software, the company he co-founded, places great importance on helping its employees maintain healthy lifestyles. Dan feels strongly about staying active, saying staying fit is crucial for leading longer lives.

O’Dowd was the football coach at Topeka High School from 1986 to 1989 and guided them to an incredible 20-3 record and second place finish in Class 6A in 1988-89.

He has two sons with his wife. Currently he is working on the movie Starchild with Mel Gibson’s Icon Productions and Tim Allen’s Boxing Cat Productions as well as being an MLB Network analyst and often offering controversial opinions or using vulgarities when giving commentary.

Net Worth

Dan O’dowd has amassed an estimated net worth of $5 Million through his career.

O’Dowd founded Green Hills Software after graduating from Caltech and in 1982 developed operating systems to ensure the security of military aircraft, NASA rockets and major car manufacturers.

Company located in Santa Barbara, California; sports coach at Arizona State, where he has mentored NBA players including Ike Diogu, who was selected second team All-American and ninth overall pick in 2005 NBA draft (Golden State Warriors).

O’Dowd keeps his personal life private and chooses not to discuss his relationship status or share details of their relationships. At present, he remains single; however he shares custody with an ex-partner; however he loves spending time with family.

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