Dana Plato

Dana Plato

Dana Michelle Plato is a well-known actress from the late 1970s and early 1980s. She was one of the teen idols of the decade. She was recognized for her work in movies and television shows and was named one of VH1’s “100 Greatest Kid Stars”. Her career went beyond the silver screen. In her lifetime, she starred in over 30 films and appeared on over 100 television shows.

Before she became a household name, Plato struggled with an alcohol and drug habit. Plato was arrested in 1991 for robbing the video store and forging a prescription of diazepam. She was sentenced for five years probation and placed in drug rehab. She was able get her career back on track. Her next step was a successful career as a model and TV personality.

Although she was a young child star, Plato had a turbulent past. Plato was involved in numerous drug and alcohol addictions, and eventually lost her contract with the network. She had a brief engagement with film director Fred Potts and a subsequent relationship with a manager named Robert Menchaca. In her later years, she also struggled with drug and alcohol addictions. In fact, she was addicted to diazepam at the age of fourteen.

Dana Plato’s story ended in a very ugly way. She was divorced and lost custody of her son. She relapsed many times after the divorce and turned to drugs and alcohol. She spoke out on Marilyn Kagen’s Show about her struggle to quit. The public didn’t get the whole story. The star appeared on television one more time and then went into a drug rehab program.

Plato tried to make a comeback in acting after leaving “Diff’rent Strokes”, but was unsuccessful in finding work. She even turned to B-movies and adult films in order to make ends meet. Her health began to decline and she had to seek treatment for her addiction and legal problems. After she divorced her husband, she was left with no money and no job opportunities. Although she had a successful career as an actress, her life was filled with many hardships.

Numerous scandals followed her health problems. She admitted to being addicted to prescription painkillers on Howard Stern’s May 1999 show. Many guests called her names and accused her of not being sober. Howard Stern, however, offered to give Plato a drug test while she was on the air. Despite the negative publicity, she was never able to shake the rumor that she was using drugs.

Her early career included many commercials and guest appearances. Before she became an actor, she was a skilled figure skater. She even trained for the Olympics. Although she did not pursue acting professionally until the late 1970s, she had a successful commercial career and made several television appearances. In 1975, she made her television debut with The Six Million Dollar Man. Later, she starred in Exorcist II: The Heretic and returned to Boggy Creek.

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