Daniel Akemoto

Daniel Akemoto

Daniel Akemoto’s kumu advised him that the ukulele should be played for the people and used in an arrogant way; taking this advice seriously opened many doors in his musical career.

Kalani winter guard and dance class recently held an emotional showcase for Daniel Akemoto, sharing dances and performances dedicated to his memory. Many students shared dances in tribute of Daniel.

Early Life and Education

Daniel is widely-recognized for his work with ukulele students and teaching Polynesian dance and Hawaiian guitar at Kalani High School. He enjoys creating strong bonds with his pupils and always goes the extra mile to help them thrive. Additionally, in his free time Daniel enjoys drawing and painting as well as performing with his small Hawaiian band for weddings and charity events.

Roy Sakuma has provided him with instruction in ukulele since childhood. Additionally, he studied tuba and low brass with Daniel Asao, Anthony Kniffen, Jim Decker; tuba with Daniel Asao, Anthony Kniffen and Jim Decker in addition to trumpet technique with Masae Ishizu in Japan as well as Hawaiian lap-steel guitar from various teachers over time. Furthermore, for 10 years he taught many ukulele classes; since 2014 at Kalani High School full time!

Personal Life

Daniel is an energetic family man who values spending quality time with his wife and daughter. Daniel also is an accomplished musician, performing the ukulele with Kui Lima – his Hawaiian band of five musicians – at weddings, birthday celebrations and charity events; in addition to teaching orchestra, Polynesian music and creative dance at Kalani High School.

Spiritually-inclined, he also believes in sharing the ukulele with those around him and believes sharing your love of music shouldn’t be about being superior – rather, this has become his mantra to life and playing the ukulele – something he hopes his students follow as well. He appreciates all those whose lives he has touched for their support – thanking all his students who have found hope through him!

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